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Publishing your phd thesis as a book, if...

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A well-written book will not need to keep proving that it is arguing something, it will just be doing it, and the interested reader will have chapter break-down and index to keep them navigating around your text. From there, you could consider who publishes work in your field, make a short list of publishers that you referenced in your thesis as a starting point and go from there.

Scour printed publishers' catalogues and websites for description of publication policy and interests.

This involved taking key concepts from the thesis, but significantly reworking and developing them. Discussions with supervisors and other colleagues are also very useful at this stage. While a PhD thesis is meant to be read and scrutinized by your supervisors and examiners, the readership of your book will extend to the broader academic community, scholars and practitioners, who may not be specialized on or even familiar with your research topic.

How are you to do this and maintain your creativity while engaged in the mechanics of writing?

Your examiners may well be able to suggests publishers with lists in your field. And while you are still looking for a publisher, your research is already available to the community.

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The study also raises the point that students should also be aware that there is a substantial time delay between dissertation and book publication. Consider all the available formats. Follow it up.

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Informally ask colleagues or mentors to read your chapters before submission. If you intend to lift a certain section out of your PhD to submit it to a journal as an article, be aware that you might need to recontextualize the piece.

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Oh yes, a book is a commercial product Publishers look at a manuscript in terms of its commercial potential whereas a thesis examiner will be looking at it to judge its scholarly credentials. Each book is different, but there are numerous key aspects to consider when preparing a final manuscript for book publication.

An outside perspective can help refine the work for final publication. Think about what YOU want for your book, what sort of readership, circulation, prestige and price you want for it.

Publishing your thesis

How do I write a proposal for a PhD-based book? The conclusion should summarize your key findings and identify avenues for further research. You should probably begin to consider getting it published.

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A thesis commonly follows a recommended format, which allows you to structure your work coherently, helping to make your reasoning, methodology and findings clear to examiners. In order to get your thesis published, there are various things that need to be taken into consideration. A thesis is written for examiners, a book for scholars in general.

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Otherwise, these quotes must be attributed anonymously or removed completely. Authors can aid this process by following a few basic rules of thumb: Look over the table of contents in books which you would consider as related literature or competitors. You should endeavor to begin working on the book proposal only after having submitted your thesis and successfully completing your PhD program.

Does your department or university have links to a publisher or even run a university press itself?

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To them you are proving your own expertise and originality. Scour printed publishers' catalogues and websites for description of publication policy and interests. How does that differ from the structure of your thesis? Monographs are normally much shorter than PhD theses.

Turning your PhD into a successful book

The simple answer is yes — at the heart of many successful academic books lies research conducted as part of a PhD. The motivation behind writing your book will need to be rethought to reflect the expectations of your new audience and should clearly unfold in the introduction.

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A good edited book addresses the need to broaden the scope of PhD-based research via collaborating with a team of contributors. Advice for PhD alumni If you are thinking of publishing your thesis with a publisher, depositing it via Open Access may at first seem contradictory to that goal.

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Be mindful that you will need to obtain permission to include quotes from interviewees if they were not informed at the time of the interview that these could appear in print. Well done!

Of course, your own editing and re-editing process becomes even more important, as you will be responsible for ensuring that the book is coherent, factually and grammatically correct, and relevant to the intended readers. Examiners will work mba application career goals essay text regardless of the writing style, book readers will not.

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However Routledge recognises that some authors are bound by requirements of their institution or their funder to make their thesis open access. Separate chapters about the review of literature and research methodologies may be vital in a thesis, but will not be necessary in a book, as readers and experts in your field will be familiar already with both.

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As always, let us know any queries or comments here, on Twitter or via email: Above all, never lose sight of the audience! Is the quality sufficiently high?

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The more accurately you target the publisher, the less likely you are to get rejected, so when selecting one consider the following points: One of the first steps in publishing your thesis is to figure out who will read the finished work. Streamline where possible — theses by their nature contain much repetition.

If the book is intended for an academic audience of peers in your field, it is worth considering the benefits of peer reviewand whether you want to ensure your work has undergone a similar process before self-publication.

If your article has been accepted Once your article has been accepted by a journal, it is quite likely that the editors will ask you for some changes. To be considered ready for publication, those dissertations must have been significantly revised.

Won’t Open Access interfere with my chances for publication?