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Case study little girl lost, answer key

How many people are born with Leigh Syndrome LS? I think you may be ight!

They also degrade worn out organelles. A shot time late, the esults of the blood and uine tests came back. I need to bette undestand the souce of Nicole s illness, Kenneth said with esolve. In addition to what I ve mentioned, othe teatment goals will include poviding elief fom specific symptoms such as educing lactic acid build-up, contolling seizues, educing nausea, and educing vomiting.

Explain in your own words why defects in this energy producing organelle would lead to the symptoms seen in Nicole. Without enegy the cellula factoies can t function, exclaimed Kenneth. Figure 2.

Little Girl Lost: A Case Study on Defective Cellular Organelles

This disease occurs when defective mitochondria fail to produce energy needed by the cell, particularly affecting cells with high-energy needs like those in the brain, muscle, and gastrointestinal tract. Kenneth and Vicki ushed Nicole to the emegency oom.

This will make it easier to forecast how quickly the disease will progress. So this must be the defective organelle that the doctor was referring to! What symptoms caused her parents to take her to creative problem solving research paper doctor? The ER is a series of interconnecting flattened tubular channels. Is thee anything we can do teatment-wise to polong he life?

Small vacuoles are involved in storage. Mitochondria are the sites of aerobic respiration, and generally are the major energy production center in cells. Unaffected 1 in 4 chance Unaffected "Carrier" 2 in 4 chance Affected 1 in 4 chance Figure 1. Each cell in our body is like a little factory and the organelles case study little girl lost like parts of the factory. Disease or Case study little girl lost Symptoms Organelle Normal Function Cystic Fibrosis Chokingly thick mucus in the lungs; frequent lung infections; clogged pancreas; digestive problems; salty sweat; faulty calcium and business plan for cigar shop channel proteins.

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Featues of Plant and Animal Cells: What were the results of the metabolic tests and MRI? The main commonality, howeve, is all of the mutations and defective poteins affect the enegy poducing functions of the mitochondia. She died at home with he Mom and Dad by he side.

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Burnett, https: Fom the infomation I just ead, the mitochondia is involved in enegy poduction fo the cell. They synthesize proteins. Lysosomes contain hydrolytic enzymes that are necessary for intercellular digestion of macromolecules. Why does the doctor want Nicole to undergo genetic testing? Outside the nucleus is the cytoplasm.

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What other treatments are used? They poduce ATP, the univesal enegy caie of cells fom oganic molecules such as cabohydates, poteins, and lipids. Unaffected "Caie" Fathe Unaffected 1 in 4 chance 1. For the first three months, baby Nicole seemed fine.

The known concept is the analog and the unknown concept is the taget. The mutation described above affects a protein commonly found in cellular organelles involved in energy production.

Not only wee they faced with the pospect of losing anothe child, the idea that they wee esponsible fo passing the defected gene to thei child was almost too much to bea.

Peroxisomes also break down fat. What symptoms presented while at the hospital? Lysosomes contain hydolytic enzymes that ae necessay fo intecellula digestion of macomolecules. Also contained within the nucleus is the nucleolus. If an oganelle of the cell is damaged, the cell can t function popely and it may not function at all.

This case study introduces students to the structure and function of cellular organelles and seeks to show their importance by discussing diseases and disorders that can result when an organelle does not function as it should.


Its onset is typically tiggeed by a vial illness. Hudson Page 7 Related documents. What is going on? Cells contain oganelles. They tried experimental treatments. The ER takes two forms: What is the expected lifespan fo LS suffees?

The information below describes the various organelles found in cells along with their functions. The various organelles all have a specific role in the smooth functioning of the cell.

Little Girl Lost: A Case Study on Defective Cellular Organelles

Regulates the movement of materials in and out of the cell. Page 3 4 Additional oganelles include small vacuoles, lysosomes, peoxisomes, and mitochondia.

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Organelles; cellular structure; inheritance; plant cells; animal cells; failure to thrive; Leigh Disease; mitochondria; mitochondrial disease; autosomal recessive mutation Topical Area: Fo an individual to be affected, he o she would need to inheit a defective nonwoking copy fom each paent.

The doctor also ordered an MRI magnetic resonance imaging. The peliminay tests on Nicole showed she had elevated plasma lactate and pyuvate levels. At business plan sample of beauty salon point, Kenneth realized he had been up most of the night.

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The Golgi appaatus is a stack of membanous fl attened sacs and is diectly associated with the endoplasmic eticulum. The failure to thrive, regression of developmental skills during a viral infection, vomiting, and seizure suggested that multiple organ systems were being affected.

Vicki and Kenneth wee afaid because these symptoms seemed vey simila to what had happened pio to the death of thei fist child. Social issues essay sample cell adapted fom p.

Zellweger Spectrum Disorder. Instructors also have the option of running the case in a "flipped classroom" in which students watch three recommended videos outside of class as a way of preparing for working on the case in class. He decided to go to bed and share what he had learned with Vicki in the morning. What is the probability that they would have another affected child? Vicki and Kenneth were afraid because these symptoms seemed very similar to what had happened prior to the death of their first child.

This will make it easie to foecast how quickly the disease will pogess. Not only were they faced with the prospect of losing another child, the idea that they were responsible for passing the defected gene to their child was almost too much to bear. She wasn t gaining weight as she should. Their first child had died mysteriously at 12 months of age, and it had taken five years for Vicki to become pregnant again.

The ough ER has ibosomes attached and plays a ole in potein synthesis, potein, and potein folding. Nicole should undego genetic testing in ode to detemine which mutation she has.

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The nucleus also contains the chomatin. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the disease progressed rapidly. What was Nicole s diagnosis? This would be the analog to help you emembe the function of the oganelle.