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Tuesday in week before semester classes begin outcome of placement procedure known by Friday of that week Round 3 Final Round:

Solis ID Your Solis-id gives you access to university services such as the library, Wi-Fi, Osiris and the computers in the academic buildings. Please hold on thesis registration form ucu this form, because you will need to bring this when you register with the municipality early September. Should you wish to submit your thesis in a different or unprotected format, please contact the library: Other money matters Even if you intend to open a Tulane residency personal statement bank account you still need to have other means of payment at your disposal after your arrival as it could take a few weeks to get your bank account up and running.

Standskantoor, Stadsplateau 1, Utrecht. This can be done at any OV pick up device before your departure. Deadlines hand in Fall Semester December 20, — last day of class December 29, — hand in thesis upload in Blackboard January 13, — deadline thesis grade Feedback Do you have a question or remark about this page?

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You are allowed to spend a maximum of 9 months abroad during your UCU-program without jeopardizing your Dutch residence permit. Please let us know. As there will be many cars and people moving that day, you may need to wait for a spot near your unit.

Only theses which have been submitted as unprotected PDFs will thesis registration form ucu accessible and readable. Please let us know. For you this is a fun opportunity to meet with students who might be studying at UCU the next academic year!

You can park your car at the UCU campus grounds in the designated parking areas. These surveys and reports will assist future students applying for exchange, and are kept at UCU for future reference. You will receive your Solis-id and password on your private email address before the start of your first semester.

Consequently, exchange students are expected to maintain the thesis opening line standards of academic achievement and personal conduct whilst participating in an exchange program.

Please bear in mind that it may take longer to find an appropriate internship. Settling cases brought by instructors including about academic misbehavior of a student such as plagiarism. If you are away shorter than 8 months, deregistration is not necessary and your address will be kept. This way they will remain permanently accessible and readable.

Development Reflection Form - which has two sections: Depending on your nationality you may need a visa for the country of your host institutions. It is possible to finish a track with an exchange course of 7,5 ECTS min.

If one or more courses are not approved, you will have to enroll in alternative courses. Be sure to keep checking your solismail regularly.

Leaving UCU

Continuing students who failed to pre-register by the pre-registration deadline are accommodated as possible from the reserved places in the final registration round via essay concerning human understanding (1689) general waiting list. Contact Procedures Students who are about to graduate must pay attention to a number of procedures coming up before and after graduation.

Below you can find an overview of when you can pick up your diploma and final transcript, as well as your official graduation date. The approval of your learning agreement is the guarantee that the courses, credits and grades on your transcript will count towards your UCU graduation.

Attending courses in languages that are also taught at UCU in fulfilment of your language requirement is not allowed. Fortunately, there are all manner of strategies to thesis registration form thesis registration form ucu the costs: Unfortunately, the online registration form is only available in Dutch. Especially for students going on exchange to the U. Differences between insurance companies are tremendous.

Students connect to this network using their UU Gmail address e.

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Fill in your student number. Wednesday in week 1 of semester classes outcome of placement procedure known by Friday of that week Registration for regular semester classes closes on the first Friday of the semester.

Content Your UCU portfolio contains core questions and short assignments which encourage you to take stock of milestones throughout your time at UCU. It is important to thoroughly check your insurance before an agreement is signed. Waiting list deadlines for students are generally scheduled as follows for semester terms: Make sure to ma english thesis titles your UCU schedule when making the appointment, or await possible schedule changes first.

Please make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid any delays in receiving your social security number BSN-nummer. Fill in the rest of the form. If the learning agreement is not approved, you will not receive credits for your semester abroad.

If your question is not answered, consult Exchange Officer Carla Kist. Forms To register for you research thesis, you will need to fill out the online Thesis Registration Form. The portfolio is an essential part of your education at UCU and you are encouraged to review and update it regularly, so that it captures your unique narrative.

Share it! Please let us know. It is not possible to take less than 30 ECTS on exchange.

The individual nature of the portfolio also means that it is owned by you, that you are responsible for saving it throughout the semesters, and for completing it. If you have any questions or problems making the appointment, please contact the Utrecht municipality directly by using the contact details given on their website.

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Students are encouraged to approach AAOs with their concerns. What can I do if I disagree with decisions made by the Exam Board? Portfolio Introduction Welcome to your Portfolio The portfolio is a tool that helps you to get most out of your time at UCU, through goal setting, reflection and enhanced personal development.

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Evaluation Upon your return to UCU, you will be required to complete an exchange evaluation. For information on internships for students with a disabilty, you can visit the websites: Log in to the thesis archive with your Solis ID student number and password.

The UCU registrar will make the grade conversion and enters your grades in Osiris. Upon arrival in Utrecht, you will have to submit these forms together with the Student Report to the UU International Office before the remaining grant can be transferred to your account. Your conduct in the host country will directly influence the reputation of UCU. Travel advisories When considering possible destinations, please bear in mind that Utrecht University adheres to all travel advisories issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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ASC will get back to you with a reaction as quickly as possible. Your responsibility Your portfolio is a highly personal document and you can customize it to reflect your own ambitions and style. The following bank offices are situated at central locations in the city center of Utrecht: If ever you have a complaint or suggestion on academic matters please communicate these to ASC by dropping into the office, sending an e-mail asc uu.

The Exchange Officer may therefore contact UCU students who previously went on exchange capstone project ml ask if they would like to have their blog published on the student.

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Confirmed time slots See Catalogs and schedules for most recently confirmed schedule available. You do not have to deregister from the municipality of Utrecht. What can you approach the Exam Board for? On this form you should include course titles, course level UCU level 1, 2 or 3 and credits you receive for the course. Further information on opening a Dutch bank account can be found here.

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Are you proud of your work? Depending on the university and country you go to, this might be either cheaper or more expensive than the housing costs at UCU.

UCU students are from all over the world and many of them will leave the country at different times. You tutor then confirms the online request before it is considered by the registration team. After that, changes can no longer be made via the regular registration procedure.

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We wish you the best of luck. They will invite the relevant students to meet with them, usually in the ASC office, and discuss the problem. The students and fellow are allowed to comment on the report before it becomes official and gets published here below.

ING bank — see below. Before commencing, it is a good idea to read over our dedicated FAQ for more information. The credit shortage in these cases needs to be compensated by attending a summer course, winter course or fifth course prior to the semester abroad.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to prepare for this by exploring the various options for opening a bank account before you dust bowl essay conclusion to the Netherlands, and to visit a bank office in Utrecht as soon as possible after your arrival. You will need to register your internship abroad in Osiris: In all other cases, it is not possible to only earn 22,5 ECTS and compensate this with a summer course, winter course or fifth course without permission of the UCU Examination Board.

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