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Sugar Tax (Student Essay)

We know we've got a problem. Therefore, the social cost of sugar consumption is greater than the private cost of sugar. It is simply shifting resources from sugary drinks to health care market. Everyone will benefit from the increased health care spending and improved quality of life.

Here you could argue that supply creates its own demand. Messenger Last month the United Kingdom announced a sugar tax on soft drinks. Economics provides two solid rationales for governments to intervene with sugar taxes, so-called "sin taxes".

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This strong public support, together with the substantial health benefits and extra revenue that could be expected from the tax, should make it a highly attractive policy option for the Australian government. Well, no, not really. I want to be slim but, in the short term, I also really want that gelato. The second rationale comes from behavioural economics. Init was estimated that 41 million children under the age of 5 were overweight globally.


The big problem with child obesity is that overweight or obese children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and are more likely to develop diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, at a young age. This is ample evidence to suggest that behavioural nudges could be used to dissuade customers from buying sugary h1b cover letter sample, as any decrease in quantity demanded of sugar due to a tax will be both short term and offset later by the continued high spending on advertisements.

A recent analysis of added sugar in the Australian population found that most adults and children exceed the WHO recommendation, with sugary drinks accounting for the largest proportion of added sugar. At&t canada case sugar tax persuasive essay will be created in the treatment of diabetes and education of young people about healthy diets.

The move has been applauded by public health groups internationally. The overconsumption of sugar is a major cause of health problems such as Diabetes in particular, type 2 diabetes Obesity and obesity-related illnesses, such as back pain, heart disease, Tooth decay especially amongst young people These external costs are reflected in higher costs imposed on the national health service.

A Colchero and J. Policy makers choosing between subsidies for healthy foods and taxes on unhealthy foods should choose the latter. Sugary drinks are also associated with increased energy intake and, in turn, weight gain and obesity. However, this estimate failed to take into account reformulation, which as mentioned will be the majority decision among UK beverage corporates, and revenue investment.

Good health care is not just about treating ill health; much better to prevent ill health in the first place. If you go into certain fast food restaurants, sugary drinks have often been heavily promoted — e.

Another concern is that a tax would simply be ineffective as only a small part of the tax would be passed on to consumers through higher prices, rather than the producer reformulating due to paying the majority of the tax. Overall, there will be a net welfare case study of drug abuse in the philippines from a sugar tax, with minimal economic disruption.

However, if the ultimate aim is to greatly reduce sugar related diseases, a behavioural dmu coursework collection zone should also be used in conjunction with a tax.

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So, let me answer the question very directly. To test the alternative policy of a subsidy on healthy foods, the remaining quarter of participants were told they'd get a 5 per cent discount on all food, but a further 10 per cent off healthy food.

Soft drinks are very popular, particularly among children and adolescents.

Demerit good In addition to the external costs, we can class sugary drinks as a demerit good. Prevention should be a high priority, especially for children. In our current food environment, it is too easy to eat too much sugar. Major sugar intake causes health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and tooth and gum problems. Related article on Luddites and unemployment 2. So, in all but the control group, participants faced a 10 per cent price difference between nutritious and non-nutritious foods.

Not only does it account for almost ten percent of the medical budget, obesity is rampant in children these days. However, essay on side effects of television is not an argument against a sugar tax.

I believe that a sugar tax should be introduced in Australia to improve the health of all Australians.

Mexico — the world's fourth biggest sugary drink guzzlers — slapped a one peso per litre charge in Indeed, the British Journal of Sports Medicine has stated that as sugar leads to essay on side effects of television swings [2]consumers seek out more to counteract the tiring effect that ensues.

Although a sugar tax on its own is justified as a means of reducing sugar intake, as there is evidence sugar intake will decrease without any major caveats, a behavioural element should accompany it. Far from helping, the subsidy on foods actually increased total spending on all food, including unhealthy food. If the penny-per-ounce tax were enforced the cheap one dollar Coke from McDonalds would turn into a one dollar and forty four cent drink.

Rising levels of obesity are driving a host of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Alternatively, people may be aware sugar is bad for you, but struggle to reduce consumption because of its addictive qualities.

An estimated 1, people h1b cover letter sample be alive as a result of the tax. In Britain, Jamie Oliver is urging the government to introduce a 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks to curb childhood obesity. Advertisements in the media are designed to engage children emotionally and entertain them.

Play video Governments around the world are locked in a battle with food and beverage giants about how to reduce over-consumption of calorie-dense and nutrition-poor foods and drinks.

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All in all, I feel as if it would be a positive thing thesis statement in research paper the penny-per-ounce tax were enforced because it would increase the price of soda, making the cheaper product the better choice. This diagram shows the impact of a good with external costs.

The tax will come into effect inwith the funds to be used to address childhood obesity. Advertisement Profit surge: However, the question of government intervention and regulation goes hand in hand with these behavioural changes.

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There are very few effective regulations to protect children from advertising, and existing regulations mostly apply to younger children only, which means that adolescents are vulnerable. They encourage children to share this experience with friends. And they usually advocate putting a price on the activity that creates the externality.

To convince voters to tax soda we need more than just and analogy we have to convince them that soda is as bad as tobacco. By doing so, we will be able to provide…. This can lead to eating disorders and weight related behaviours, especially in young girls. There are many things that could cause obesity but one of the main cause is sugary drinks.

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A popular argument against a proposed sugar tax is that it is regressive, meaning it disproportionately effects low income families. However, the study acknowledged that the area seemed to be an anomaly where drinks were relatively inelastic partially due to the richer demographic. Just looking at supermarket retail sales, Australians bought around 1.

If there were concerns about income distribution as a result of the tax, the tax revenues could be used argumentative essay about nuclear power reduce other regressive taxes such as VAT, but spending on health care will probably be a better way to improve quality of life for those on low-incomes as they are unable to afford private health care treatment.

As argumentative essay about nuclear power, the tax would result in people decreasing their consumption of sugary drinks. Finally, job loss is in the soft drink industry as a result of the tax is a concern. It is possible that the tax will lead to a small decline in the soft-drink market — people may drink tap water and not the non-sugary alternative. The UK announcement follows a similar one by South Africa earlier in A sugar tax further counteracts the fact that sugar is a demerit good.

And a paper released this month by four US social scientists, "Incentivising nutritious diets", confirms low-income people are particularly sensitive to the way price signals are framed. Social scientists have found taxes how to write a cover letter for cold calling unhealthy food are more effective in reducing consumption than subsidies for healthy food.

It is possible that lower spending on soft-drinks will lead to some decline in h1b cover letter sample share and job losses.

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The authors recruited more than households at two grocery stores in upstate New York and following their spending for eight months. Tax is not the best policy to reduce sugar consumption Campaigners suggest that other policies, such as banning advertising at children, education initiatives — could be more effective in reducing excess sugar consumption.

Unsurprisingly, the tax is strongly opposed by powerful groups in the food industry, and the announcement resulted in shares in Coca-Cola temporarily plunging. Firstly, it will shift demand away from sugary drinks to non-sugary drinks so it will shift demand within the non-alcoholic market.

But, if firms have incentives to promote healthier drinks with substantially lower sugar content, then consumers will to an extent follow the supply.

What’s wrong with sugary drinks?

This is an important result that is difficult to achieve through other obesity-prevention measures. See more detail at: The only potential losers are the soft drink industry who will see some fall in demand. Indeed, as lower income families spend a higher proportion of their income on foodstuffs and beverages a tax will disproportionately affect them.

For example, I have a four year old nephew that lives at home with me. I believe that a sugar tax should be introduced in Australia to improve the health of all Australians.

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In the first 25 years, there could be less cases of type 2 diabetes, less cases of heart disease, and over less cases of strokes. Double the risk of diabetes in heavier women because of one or more servings of sugar-sweetened beverages. These extra cost cuts could be used to prevent market failure, thus justifying the tax [2]. Tesco is a shop. If they feel tax raised is being used to fund health care or education about healthy eating, then it feels like a good use of tax raised.

Although concerns about the risk of job loss and the regressive nature of the tax are also valid, the size of the problem of obesity and diabetes, and the fact that there will be a net welfare gain justifies both these how long can cover letter be arguments and therefore the tax itself. To keep shoppers coming back to the same store, all participants received a discount off their shopping bills.

Getty Images While sugar is not the only driver of increasing obesity and ill health, it certainly isn't helping. As the problem of obesity is disproportionately bigger among low-income families, a disproportionately bigger measure to counteract sugar tax persuasive essay problem is valid.

But, at the same time, there are opportunities for the soft-drink market to produce healthier options which avoid the sugar tax. This is more expensive than the cheap price of a large water-free. Currently, foods high in sugar, such as some breakfast cereals, often present a cheap and easier option.

In particular, The British Soft Drinks Association claimed that such a tax would cost 4, jobs in the industry.

The UK's Sugar Tax Explained

A tax of 18p a litre for drinks with 5 grams of sugar per ml would expose this information failure in the form of a price increase, again justifying the tax. Another quarter were given the 10 per cent discount, plus an extra 5 per cent on healthy food.

But the majority of Australians support such a tax. Benefits of a sugar… Introduction and problem Sugar consumption is a serious problem globally.

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