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Main body, with the larger divisions and more important sub-divisions indicated by suitable, consistent headings. If the published material does not correspond to these standards, it will be necessary for the student to reformat that portion of the dissertation.

When a reference system has been selected, it should be used consistently throughout the thesis. If you use mathematical or other scientific notation in your dissertation using essay for form 5 font other than Symbol, you must embed the font into the PDF that is submitted to the University.

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A maximum of ten supplemental files can be submitted. Format Requirements for Paper Thesis The Paper Thesis The final thesis manuscript must have a ready-for-publication appearance; it must have standardized features and be attractively reproduced. For one, electronic submission results in reduced time and expense on your part.

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Image resolution should be dots per inch dpithough resolutions as low as 72 dpi and no lower are acceptable. Yes, the same margins would apply on the title page within your dissertation. Margins on the binding edge left edge if single-sided; right edge for small investment business plan in kolkata numbered pages, and left edge for odd numbered pages if double-sided must be 1.

Format Requirements for Paper Dissertation

Proquest offers a copyright service to authors of doctoral dissertations. Language The dissertation must be in English. Print must be letter quality or near letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear, crisp, and easily read.

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If previously published papers are included, the pagination for the thesis must be distinct and it is recommended that the pagination for the published work be removed. References b.

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The signature on the signature page must be original. For double-sided copies, margins must be 1.

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To stanford dissertation printing that the paper is acid-free, please check the packaging. You can use their customized Stanford order form below to select your binding preferences. The month and year must be the actual month and year in which you submit your thesis to the Office of the University Registrar.

Written permission must be obtained for all copyrighted materials; letters must be attached to the Publication Agreement. Review each copy for evenness and clarity of type, missing pages, and crooked text.

Format Requirements for eDissertation | Registrar's Office The submitted material must be in a form that is legible and reproducible as required by these specifications.

Double-sided copies may be submitted, but please be sure that the margins are re-aligned on the binding edges to 1. The title of the dissertation should be a meaningful description of the content of the manuscript.

How long can the Abstract be? The digital file of the dissertation submitted to Stanford Libraries must meet certain technical requirements to ensure that it can be easily accessed by readers now and into the future.

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List of Tables, with titles and page references. An important aspect of modern scholarship is the proper attribution of authorship for joint or group research.

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  3. The copyright page and signature page to be inserted will be pages ii and iii.
  4. Print must be letter quality or near letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear, crisp, and easily read.
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If there are more, it is advised that you combine all permissions letters into a single PDF file for upload. Multimedia Multimedia, such as audio, video, animation, etc. There is no maximum Abstract length in the dissertation itself.

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Large images, including maps and charts or other graphics that require high resolution, should not be included in the main dissertation file. Supplementary materials are submitted separately than the dissertation file, and are referred to as supplemental files.

The abstract field that you enter online during submission has a limit of characters; the library uses this Abstract field for cataloging purposes. Order and Content Preliminary Pages a. Landscape For text, illustrations, charts, graphs, etc.

Early registration does have certain advantages: Some reliable style guides are Social studies homework help.

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For the preliminary pages, use small Roman numerals e. Dissertation authors must enter an abstract using the online submission form for essay pollution the digital dissertation file to the library.

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The title page is not physically numbered, but counts as the first page; that is, page i. Once approved by the Registrar's Office, submissions are considered final, and students are not allow to re-submit, including re-applying to graduate and re-submitting at a later time, or during a thesis in statistics quarter.

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