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Star note card sample research paper become national heroes Many Americans could name every major league player, his batting average, and other accomplishments. As you read your potential sources, you will find that some are helpful, others are not, and some will repeat the same information you already have.

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Include everything. Good note card: If at any time you write down information word for word to be used developing a business plan for restaurant a quotebe sure to include all punctuation markscapitalizations, and breaks exactly as they appear in the source.

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Example Work Cited Card. For information on citing your sources, look at English Works!

10 Tips for Using Research Note Cards Also, consider color coding your cards by topic to keep your paper organized from the start. The source title is the name of the book, magazine, website, etc.

Combination of quotation and summary note Use a separate card for each note, so that the notes can be arranged in the proper sequence later according to your outline. You will be less likely to write down unnecessary information facts that are not related to your topic if you are careful to write down the topic for every card.

Tips for Taking Notes Electronically

You will sort your notes later according to your outline in preparation for writing your research paper. Researching As you find interesting facts about your topic during your research, you should write them down.

Quotation note card In your notes, place quotation marks around any direct quotations so that you will know later that these are direct quotes. You will have to visit each source again if you leave out essential information the first time around. This is not a complete works cited, bibliography, or reference page.

For each note you will need to record author's name, the title of reference book, article, interview, etc.

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On each index card, be sure to note the source, including the volume number if there is one and the page number. If you are consistent in paraphrasing at this stage, then you will be certain not to accidentally plagiarize someone else's work.

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If you wind up using that idea in your paper, you will have the information about the source ready to put in your footnote or endnote. All rights reserved.

Research Paper Note Cards

As you take notes, note card sample research paper to paraphrase all the information. Write the thesis statement.

Summary note card You have a summary note when you read the material from a source and then summarize the information in your own words. The quotation should be worked seamlessly into your summary.

Tips for Taking Notes by Hand

Each sentence or idea that you find should be paraphrased summarized in your own wordsand written on a card. Yes, we know very few people are using notecards now instead of electronic forms of notetaking, but the illustrations here include useful ideas for organizing your notes in whatever format.

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Item number three is the paraphrased information that you found. The note can be a quotation, a summary, or a combination. Forms of Notetaking Use one of these notetaking forms to capture information: Take copious notes even though you may not use all of the information.

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It keeps you focused in your research. Use symbols, diagrams, charts or drawings to simplify and visualize ideas. See the examples below.

How to Write a Research Paper: Read Your Sources and Take Notes | Infoplease Yes, we know very few people are using notecards now instead of electronic forms of notetaking, but the illustrations here include useful ideas for organizing your notes in whatever format.

While this practice may seem old fashioned and out of date, it is actually still the best method for collecting research. For more, see What is Plagiarism?

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Arrange your evidence in the proper sequence according to your outline. If you copy something directly from a book without putting it in your own words, put quotation marks around it so that you know it is an exact quotation. Number the source cards.

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If every topic directly supports your thesis statement, then each topic pile should become a supporting idea, body paragraph, or part of a paragraph in your paper. After note taking 1.

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  2. But before you actually begin writing, you should make an outline of the order you want to present these topics in your paper.
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Note A5 and B2 refer to article source 5 and book source 2 from the Work Cited file. Restate the author's ideas in your own words. This reduces the chances of committing accidental plagiarism.

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For websites, include the URL information.

Note card sample research paper