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High antecedent soil moisture as catchments were already saturated.

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Cocker Cockermouth North Workington 8 1. Around personnel were available to rotate as required.

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The Speed of Recovery Within twelve months of the floods, Cumbria had made a remarkable recovery and the damaged infrastructure had largely been restored. Kinder Downfall waterfall in the Peak District is put in reverse by strong winds from Storm Desmond A significant landslide occurred in along the Glenn Riding beck in the Lake District Human response More than flood warnings and case study alibaba than 70 flood alerts were in place in northern England on Saturday night, with more than 90 flood warnings and alerts in Scotland.

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Cocker Cockermouth North Workington 17 1. In the spring and summer of occupancy levels in local hotels and guest houses were near to normal and, despite the challenging economic climate invisitor numbers in Cumbria as a whole remained stable.

Cockermouth Flooding.

In November Cockermouth and its surrounding communities suffered extensive flooding. Normally the lakes regulate river flows and reduce extremes, but on this occasion water was transferred rapidly into the rivers downstream because the lakes were already full.

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The Environment Agency completed flood defence works at Keswick and Cockermouth. The Flood Action Group supported the Environment Agency in facilitating discussions and helped gain community business plan screen printing business support for the scheme.

GCSE questions may be about long term change or triggers that cause an event; plus immediate or long term consequences for groups; plus the possible responses to disaster.

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Wider Reading: Cockermouth Flooding. Large amounts of the fragile upland soils have been washed into the swollen streams, rivers and lakes and will have an impact on water quality and aquatic wildlife. The rain fell for 34 hours. Millions of tons of sediment was transported by the river and deposited on floodplains and in settlements in the areas affected.

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At Camerton in West Cumbria the average 24 hour flow of the River Derwent on 20th November was cumecs and peaked at Cumecs—20 times greater than the average. Derwent R. Cockermouth had previously been flooded in and again in The community got together to create a Flood Action Group and they worked in partnership with flood risk management authorities in the area such as the Environment Agency to aid the recovery of the community and to look at ways of reducing flood risk to the community in the future.

Presentation on theme: Blocked Sewers—inadequate sewer capacity and blockages caused sewers to back up and caused flooding incidents, for example Elliot Park in Keswick. Floods November

This resulted in a prolonged period of stormy wet weather. The government launched the Bellwin scheme to fully reimburse councils for the costs of dealing with flooding, and sample cover letter for a student internship reviewed all flood defence plans.

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Workington's Barker Crossing, built by the Army, is named after Pc Bill Barker who died when Northside Bridge was washed away during last month's floods. The father-of-four was directing motorists off the bridge when the force of the water caused the collapse. The floodwater in town centre at Cockermouth reached a depth of 2.

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  2. Key Stakeholders The Flood Action Group, local council and the Environment Agency worked together as the main project team to take forward the scheme to build the new defences in Cockermouth to reduce the flood risk in the area.
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More than 50 residents were rescued by the emergency services, and emergency relief centres were set up for those forced to evacuate their homes. According to Great Outdoors Magazine, the full extent of the environmental impact of Storm Desmond is yet to be assessed, but it is likely that footpaths and walls have been washed away, ground severely eroded, vegetation destroyed and water quality affected.

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Cocker Cockermouth North Workington 9 1. Lessons Learned Working in partnership is key to gaining a positive outcome for the environment, social and economic growth of the area. Cockermouth and Keswick were worst affected, but many other communities across Cumbria felt the impact of the deluge.

Causes of the River Derwent Flood,

Finally, the Lakeland Hills squeezed moisture from the air by forcing it aloft. External contributions needed to be sourced to allow the scheme to go ahead which required commitment and support form the local community. Documentary The effects of the recent severe weather will be felt across Cumbria for many months to come. Schoolchildren were first to use the new crossing, to avoid a very long bus trip to school.

Of these were residential properties.

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The River Derwent burst it banks New buildings on the flood plain increased impermeability and reduced infiltration Sewage from flooded drains mixed with the flood waters to make a health hazard The population is aboutThe main roads A and A had to be closed. Flood waters force from homes Relief centres at Cockermouth School and the Sheep and Wool Centre in what is the best music to listen to when doing homework town are accommodating about 75 people.

Case Study: UK Floods Cockermouth, Cumbria 19th November ppt video online download This included military personnel and supporting assets including a Chinook helicopter ; 50 high-volume pumps; and the Environment Agency moving people, temporary defences and pumps to the north-west.

Key Stakeholders The Flood Action Group, local council and the Environment Agency worked together as the main project team to take forward the scheme to build the new defences in Cockermouth to reduce the flood risk in the area.

Cockermouth 2009 flood case study