Literature review on home accident.

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Editing and Translation of Tool The expert had edited the tool. Percentage distribution of mothers under five year children according to their Co-relation with knowledge and attitude, co-relation of knowledge and attitude for positive question response was 0.

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How far are accidents to young children at home avoidable? Hence the tool was found to be reliable. Personality characteristics of accident repeating children. N Engl J Med. Their opinion and suggestion were taken to modify the tools.

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Sample size: Based on the findings of the resume writing service monster, the following recommendations are stated: This study was conducted to assess rural mothers' knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward home-related injuries and their first aids among children under 5 years of age before and after implementation of educational program.

Hospital report on home accidents.

Research into child accidents

Hundred mothers of under five year children were selected by purposive sampling technique and data were collected by using structure interview schedule on 22th june to 23thjune A community surveys its home accidents.

Mothers have poor attitude regarding prevention of home accidents in children under 5 years.

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There was a significant correlation between socioeconomic level and either knowledge or attitude of mothers toward home injuries. A Des ipti e stud to assess the k o ledge a d attitude of othe s ega di g p e e tio of home accidents among under 5 years hild e i sele ted hospitalPunjab.

Reviews of the literature

Thapa NB. Figure 3: First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury, usually by a nonexpert but trained person, until medical treatment can be accessed. The source of knowledge of studied mothers about first aid of home injuries among children. To find out the association of knowledge of mothers regarding prevention of home accidents among children under 5years of age.

Every year they leave many thousands permanently disabled.

Correlation between socioeconomic score and both total knowledge and attitude scores. In all, of them agreed to participate in this study, with a response rate of

Accidents-a major child health problem. A dissertation guidelines questionnaire was administered to them before and after application of educational program. Knowledge, attitude and practice of rural mothers towards home injuries among children under 5 years of age in Menouf District- Menoufia Governorate, Egypt.

A P value of less than 0. The epidemiology of accidents. Accidents and injury in childhood. Pilot study of childhood accidents: This study to find out incidence and types of accident occur during childhood.

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Assess- statistical measurement homework for summer vacation the knowledge of mother under five year children regarding prevention of home accidents. As regards the working status of mothers, Clinical application of the theory of accident prevention in childhood. Health care of women and children in developing countries, California, Third party publication Company, As children learn through experience, minor injuries are inevitable, but providing a safe environment can reduce the risks, coupled with close supervision and setting the limits of safety.

Descriptive and inferential statistics was planned for analysis. Infant and adolescent death in Istanbul due to home accidents, The Turkish Journal of paediatrics, ; 47 2: There was a significant improvement in mothers' knowledge after intervention.

Selected References These references are in PubMed.

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Accidental injuries to infants and young children are often serious, but are narrative essay honesty is the best policy preventable. Pp Childhood accidents and their prevention.

Thei opinion and suggestion was taken to the modify the blue print. Results The mothers' ages ranged from 20 to 43 years, with a mean of In all, of them agreed to participate in this study, with a response rate of Accident mortality among children. The researcher has not included the causes related to electricity or sharp instruments such as electric shock, cuts and would which are very common in home accidents.

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So we can define mother is a female who gives birth to the child and care the child. Section -A Demographic variables: Conclusion The study revealed that there was a significant improvement in mothers' knowledge and practice as regards home injuries after intervention.

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There was a statistically significantly higher percent of satisfactory knowledge among highly educated mothers and those with middle and high socioeconomic level. Review of Literature Injuries are the first cause of death in children after neonatal age. Wallace HM and Giri K eds. The tool consists of three sections A, B, C. Prevalence of home injuries in children under 5 in the studied group.

Every year large number children dies due to accidents.

There was a significant positive correlation between mothers' practice and either their education or their socioeconomic level. Knowledge- Knowledge refers to the correct response of mothers business plan operational setup under five year children regarding prevention of home accidents 3. A pilot study was conducted and tool was founded feasible, practicable and no change was made after the pilot study was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Living conditions in the rural area where there is open cooking leads to burns and scald. The children learn their first lesson from home. Public Health. C This section consist of attitude questions which are based on likert scale, In this answer was divided literature review on home accident atego ies i.

Moreover, findings from selected Arab countries between and suggest increasing rates of domestic violence [5]. They are the most common cause of death in children under 5 years of age. The incidence of home accidents among children under 6 years of age in Assiut governorate in the year as perceived by their mothers was Saunders Company, 1st education, ; Pp Home accident prevention.

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Conn State Med J. Description of Tool: Frequencies and percentage would be computed to describe the demographic variables. Badly built houses, and poor maintenance, such as stairs without riling, might cause falls.

Children like to walk, run, climb up and down, they enjoy moving about always.

As regards educational level, Accidents in children. Bull World Health Organ. The structured interview schedule will be prepared after reviewing related literature and in consultation with guide. Education parents understand the risk factor involved in the accidents and consequently they create an accident free environment for the children.

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