Recent case study on landslides,

First, this paper describes the geomorphological and geological setting, hydrogeology and rainfall, and triggering factors of the landslide examined for this case study.

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In many ways it is hard to answer this question without fully understanding the landslide mechanisms and causes. The main goal of this study is a landslide susceptibility mapping each of village in Ponorogo area using fuzzy logic and compare the result with Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP -natural break classification.

The road was damaged again, and the trees up the hill began to tilt.

  1. In both cases, how did the geology and climate contribute to the development of the slide?
  2. Once a landslide has occurred, the rate of erosion by water, gravity, and wind speeds up.
  3. The relevant departments repaired the damaged road immediately to guarantee the normal operation of the road.
  4. Foothills of Mount Elgon:

However, faculty may choose to conduct a summative assessment of this unit by having a whole class report-out on the discussion questions or by collecting written responses to the discussion questions. Water accumulated in layers deep beneath the surface.

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If the conclusion for life of pi essay content of soil becomes high enough, the soil will flow like a fluid. The higher elevation provides a more moderate climate than dissertation proposal rationale plateau below, and the fertile soils are used by communities to grow crops, especially coffee. Drier soil and rocks from upper layers and the surface were carried along on top of the flow.

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SPH is a pure Lagrangian, meshless hydrodynamics method, and it is capable of simulating flow deformation, free surfaces, and deformation boundaries Liu and Liu, Compare and contrast how infrastructure and human life were affected by the mass-wasting events in both locations. Once a landslide has occurred, the rate of erosion by water, gravity, and wind speeds up.

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For testing granular materials, the device accepts ring-shaped samples with a mm outer diameter and a mm inner diameter. After the landslide ofover a thousand people were evacuated from homes and much property was destroyed or severely damaged YouTube Video.

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Assessment This is an introduction to the Surface Process Hazards module with no formal assessment. The age and extent of tropical alpine glaciation in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. The Government of Uganda has criticised the communities for living in these high-vulnerability places, and advised that people move off the landslide prone slopes.

#3: Landslides - Erosion: Case Studies WJH However, this landslide could have been predicted, according to many people. A schematic illustration of a sample in the apparatus is shown in Fig.

Cluff, L. So what can be done to help reduce the tragic loss of life and economic costs of these disasters? Combined with the rainfall flushing effect on the slope appendices in a business plan, the stability of the slope is decreased significantly.

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Forecasting landslide mobility using an SPH model and ring shear strength tests: If too much water is added to the sand, the sand will become fluid-like, and it will flow downhill.

Builders in Laguna Beach should have studied the conditions before building homes in the area. Journal of Quaternary Science, 20 Chi-squared will examine the relationship level of vulnerability to landslides with point of landslides that have occurred a latest year. Engineering Geology, Resources and Help Landslides susceptibility mapping using fuzzy logic: Students could be broken up into small groups to discuss a few discussion questions before entering a full class discussion.

How to Repair a Slope After a Landslide: Redi-Rock Case Study

Temperature and precipitation simulations for the end of the 21st century, Journal of Geophysical Research, doi: Yu, M. The heavy rain caused a significant swell of these, and groundwater levels to rise.

Your debate, discussion and controversial topics should fit the levels of the other students — Highly complex subjects should suit those students with a higher IQ. Is cheerleading a sport?

Evans, S. This study presents an effective numerical simulation method, namely SPH, that incorporates accurate soil mechanical parameters derived from ring shear tests. References and Resources Carey, Mark. It is hoped that the Ugandan Government and their development partners will act strongly to reduce the possibility of future disaster in this area.

Pastor et al.

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When unstable rock and soil get wet, they get heavier. The SRS is a fully automated electropneumatic and servo-controlled testing system used for determining the residual strength of continuously sheared soil.

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But, many of the houses in this area were built before current building laws were in place. Landslides happen when the forces holding soil or rock together are smaller than the force of gravity pulling them down.

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They are used to determine the vulnerability level of landslide area is very low, low, moderate or high. Foothills of Mount Elgon The slopes of Mount Elgon have been prone to a number of landslide events, as can be seen on aerial photographs.

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Zhang et al. In addition, there is a fire response service road recent case study on landslides runs along the slope that is affected by the slide Fig.

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This caused the landslide to push and batter homes in its path, instead of flowing around them. Monitoring Mother Nature's Forces. The aim is to predict the downslope flow after slope failure of a previously identified unstable slope and thereby provide basic information for landside disaster mitigation.

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The force of gravity pulls them more strongly. The roots of the trees and brush help hold the soil in helbling ezone homework.

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