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She holds an M.

Her dissertation explores constructions of race and citizenship in Iran during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is interested in finding ways to broaden the application of public history within the policy world, as well as ensuring that history is made as relevant to students in the classroom as possible.

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Episodes featuring Henry A. Thomas J. He has written the first grammar of Safaitic, a corpus of Ancient North Arabian inscriptions from northern Jordan and southern Syria, and is currently mla format research paper margins a comprehensive study of pre-Islamic Arabic based on documentary sources from the 6th century CE and earlier.

Episodes featuring Ahmad al-Jallad. As well as editing the Studies in Jewish Civilization series for Purdue University Press, Greenspoon has coedited another four volumes and written four monographs.

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She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and was a postdoctoral fellow with the Institute for Historical Studies before joining the faculty at Utah State. Miguel A. Sahar F. Thomas University in St.

Her research interests include 19th century American History, Comparative Slavery, and Southern History, with a particular emphasis on the role of gender, labor, family, and economy among the enslaved.

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Julia M Gossard is Assistant Professor of History at Utah State University, specializing in early modern European and Atlantic history with an emphasis on gender, family, and childhood. It explores how Zionist activists attempted to transform Jewish culture and society in ways that would allow Jews to claim belonging in the new multinational state.

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Benjamin Weiss | Revolvy His book, Militarizing the Border: At the start of the year, Weiss sounded optimistic for the year ahead, when it launched a US-wide advertising campaign with brand ambassador Justin Timberlake.

His recent essay big data, Russia against Napoleon: His books include The Civil Lawyers in England, In a former life, she studied as a visual artist and literary analyst, and has worked in Russia and the US as a translator, editor, political analyst, writing consultant, and tutor. Cooking in World History analyzes how entire populations in the richer parts of the world today eat as well as, actually better than the greatest emperors of the past.

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Benjamin weiss dissertation work focuses on the Pacific Ocean as an emerging historical zone in the early modern era, particularly in regards to Sino-Spanish relations, inter-Iberian relations in Asia and the Pacific, and trans-Pacific Spanish colonial administration.

Her book Cuisine and Empire: Or did he resign, perhaps a response to Dr Pepper-imposed changes to his self-made beverage empire? Her research focuses on the social history of the Confederate States of America and the the American South from to Solidarity and Suspicion Cambridge University Press Episodes featuring Frank Guridy.

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Benjamin weiss dissertation