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In summary When drafting your next assignment, ask yourself: You have put your name and personal identifier on each page. The writing or word processing fills the whole page, with no margins and no spaces between lines or paragraphs.

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Even though each competition was a hard nut to crack, each participant tried their best. The last activity was the Treasure Hunt. Positive indicators It is word-processed or clearly and neatly hand-written.

Would you agree that some reasons are stronger than others? It may not do all of these things. They used their petticoats as flags to wave as warn of danger.

6.Sample Report Writing : Co-curricular Activities

Finally, don't forget to keep a copy of your assignment, just in case it gets lost in the post. Potentially the introduction to an essay can: The pages are numbered. She fell on the train and was helped by the two men on the train.

The more questions that are asked, the stronger the case could become. Such usunderstand that every team member is differentbe a model. You are wasting a very valuable learning resource. This Drama competition was quite challenging to the participants.

She decided to wait with the boy while her siblings went to get help.

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If it is an object that you value, it is worth making it look its very best: Day four of the English Week was the most exhilarating day as the treasure hunt activity was conducted. The activities were carried out from 7. Having set out your approach, it is easier to check that you are adhering to it.

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What might you have done differently? They tend to increase the speed and jumping ability. During the nightparticipants go on a ten-mile hike. The event, which lasted the whole day, was carried out around the school compound.

It clarifies the approach you are adopting in answering the question. In the meantime, the upper forms were involved in the essay competition. These activities not only give an equal footage to every child but also boost their confidence and spirit of independence.

Use of quotations Throughout this course, we have recommended that wherever possible you try to put things into your own words. The participants had to create words based on the alphabets given on the game board.

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When you wear it feel like barefooted and your heels are not grazed. Once you have reached the drafting stage, these groups of ideas should be subdivided into paragraphs. At a certain stage, the potential gain from further refinement is not sufficient to warrant delaying submission or to risk impeding progress with your course.

Novel In the novel The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit, there are several incidents that show courage especially in the character of Roberta or known as Bobbie. Lastly, Bobbie shows her courage by helping the Boy in the Red Shirt who fell in the middle of the railway tunnel.

A Report on English Camp Activities | Essay Example

When you have worked through this course, you might like to consider its conclusion in the light of these statements. If you allow yourself to be open to making mistakes, to learn from feedback and to view assignment writing as a continuing, developmental process, then the same knowledge and skills should help you beyond any single assignment or any one course.

We have certainly outlined our aims and objectives; we have indicated the limits to the course — our writing assignment; but we haven't provided much background information or context. In short co-curricular activities play a vital role in producing better and more complete human beings.

One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. Most of all, however, think what you learned from doing it, both from the experience of writing it and from its content.

You can ask your tutor if he or she is willing to look at the particular aspect of the assignment that has given you concern, and provide feedback on that point. Advantages Disadvantages It gets over the barrier of being faced with a blank piece of paper. The title appears at the top of the first page. I sample job application letter for freshers admire how courageous she is when she was in each situation.

Is your tutor as critical of your work as you are? The purpose of the activity was to identify people who could sing and dance. Though an assignment is an exploration of a topic, it requires a sense of direction, of building a case or argument in a logical manner. There were several activities organised report on school activities essay the member of English Language Society.

We are using it to reinforce what we think our main points are. The function of such an introduction is to: Most guidance notes given to students include these points, but they are not always followed. What pieces of evidence help to verify their reasons? If you have worked hard to become involved with your subject you will really appreciate having a captive audience.

Perhaps you are too self-critical and your tutor's comments could help to provide a better sense of perspective. They had to look for the clues given and then solved the riddles.

Remember to acknowledge quotations by providing references. How do you know that what these students are telling you is true?

During the nightparticipants go on a ten-mile hike.

Some tutors find that, despite their feedback, when the next assignment arrives to be marked, it can be hard to believe that the student has even read the comments, let alone tried to apply the advice. Perhaps you feel that there is always room for further improvement or there is something more that you could have done.

It was so much fun. It is double-spaced. There is no title.

How effective your polishing is usually depends on the time and energy you devote to the task. The anxious feeling and excitement continued to the following day. Sign up to our newsletter or view a sample. But look at c and e again. It provides a golden opportunity to promote original thinking and skillful implementation.

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Some survivals skills are explained by facilitators. It talks about the inability of the river to remain at rest like a child who is unable to keep still. Look at the way it is done for your course.

There are wide margins on either side of the script to allow benefits of using a case study tutor comments. The first and second formers participated in the crossword puzzle competition in their respective classes.

School Activities Are Positive | Teen Ink The activity was participated by ten energetic teams. I hope next year we could once again come out with more activity that can attract students to learn and participate in English Language activities.

Are you doing what you are asked to do, or are you writing about what you want to write about? The …show more content… Sixteen students from various forms took part in this thought-provoking competition with the aim to improve their self-confidence and speaking abilities.

There is a limit to what you can — and are expected — to do. It can help stimulate your thoughts or imagination. Then, the third activity was the Drama competition. Can you transfer the report on school activities essay to these questions to the next assignment? Discussion If you were the tutor, would you consider all of these to be good reasons for the request?

As a secretary of the English Language Society, I believed that the English Camp was a success and I would like to congratulate all the member of giving their support to organise this camp.

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After recess, all students took part in a variety of mind-boggling competitions. The first activity was the Talent show.

The main body of the assignment personal statement polyu far more important and needs to be given your full attention. About students from 8 different states participated in the fest. Students learn to contribute, manage and organize, individually as well as in a team.

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On the third daythere was a feedback session whereby participants have been asked about the camp. Are you so keen to make progress that you read the mark, but not the comments provided in the feedback you've been given? This will help you to develop an action plan for future improvement; then put it cover letter applying for a driver job one side until next time.

An effective leader should firm the team up by having team and individual meetings to inspire and motivate team members.

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There are too many short sections or paragraphs. Someone with as much interest in the subject and presumably greater knowledge as you, will take time to read what you have written and to understand what you are trying to say. Activity 19 A group of students attending a writing workshop were asked to identify the first task in preparing an assignment.