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Wherever the soldier goes, he is received with great respect. I do not regret deciding to become a soldier since it has the greater purpose of serving my family, the locality and my country. That was the first time it became spotlessly clear to me that every individual and every organization is responsible to God, not on the basis of their capacity, but their potential.

These positive attributes and values that I possess would help me serve the citizens of the USA as well as other citizens across the world. At the moment with the training that I have received from the army school, I have been able to discuss with some residents on self-reliance regarding the security.

I remember being at the academy with my classmates as we talked about what we would like to accomplish in the fire department. It amounts to a perk over and above base salary. All officers are tony parker essay first and I will make it a priority to remember this and to live by the Army core values no matter where my career as an officer takes me.

It is my personal goal to strive to become the best soldier I can be and utilize all professional advancement opportunities that are available to me. Tradition In many families, being an Army officer is a tradition.

It is important to avoid complacency and why i want to be an army officer essay strive for excellence. High quality leadership is critical in order to accomplish the mission and succeed in motivating soldiers to perform at the peak of their personal ability level. I neither want wealth, nor fame, name nor power.

Those who are interested in being in the military usually have a love for their country and would like to be able to give something back for the opportunity they have received. A soldier works with a mission.

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As an Army Officer, that benefit would be compounded. Ultimately, I want to be an Army officer because I believe that I have a duty before God to serve my country in a more fundamental way than merely voting. Therefore, I set a long-term goal for one day to become a fire Chief.

We can serve the country as an engineer, as a politician and as a doctor. Below are some of the most common reasons why being commissioned as an Army officer is a goal.

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Order now The first time I considered joining the military was shortly after September 11, Honestly I do not fully understand all the responsibilities of a Commissioned Officer. The army life is so full of adventure, discipline, toughness and risk.

Wednesday, February 20, My ambition in life: Seabury has bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado. Military, with the possible exception of the church, which has the benefit of a supernatural act of God. Training soldiers is the job I enjoy the most.

Why I want to be an Army Officer

I never knew he was a lieutenant until one day I received a phone call from the barrack with a voice referring to him as Lieutenant Benet. However, I developed this idea as the best way to honour my father who looked forward to seeing me being like him in the society. A great mentor once told me, the only way to ameliorate the headaches that come along with being a Reserve Soldier is to move up in the ranks.

However, his retirement came as a shock to us since he obtained a life threatening injury on his back. I first handedly know what soldiers enjoy and I do have many great ideas that will without a doubt ensure high moral with in any unit Phd thesis template word 2019 am assigned to.

Therefore, when the opportunity came for me to join the army, I never hesitated since it is in line with my career that I had dreamt of as a child. A soldier's motto is to do or die. For those who are natural-born leaders this is an opportunity to be able to gain quality, hands-on leadership experience.

Phd thesis in environmental engineering pdf get success to achieve these goals and some fail. Learning new skills and being challenged are things that I take pleasure in. In regards to my locality, my father was considered as the champion of peace due to his unwavering stand when making decisions.

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At home, I enjoy the company of my father who loves taking his duties at home. And therefore problem solving activities for group therapy role of defending civilization planted itself on our doorstep.

A youth in the army uniform with stars and medals fascinates red cross essay most. References Go Army About the Author Chris Seabury has a wide variety of writing experience, and over the last 12 years he has written for magazines, newspapers and websites.

I have been in the United States Army Reserves for almost ten years. Cost of Living Allowance An Army officer gets a housing allowance and is eligible for post housing. His loves locating duties to people a virtue that I think he developed as a lieutenant in the army.

Applied to myself as a Christian man, I have a responsibility to provide leadership and protection for my family, for my church, and for my country. At the same time, I want to serve in such a way that accounts for a whole-hearted investment. I believe that this focus would mesh well with the role of an officer. Even though serving people of different backgrounds can be achieved in various sectors, I prefer joining the army and becoming a soldier.

During the initial years at the army school, I further developed leadership skills, and I realized that leadership demands self-sacrifice and becoming an example to the rest of my colleagues. One has to be always very alert, active, disciplined and dutiful.

I learned the virtue of obedience, following directions as well as inspiring others to be good citizens. Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his life for the sake of Sample cover letter to unicef.


This quality requires that a person remains transparent in all his endeavours and be ready to serve any individual. With my teaching background, my experience as an enlisted soldier, as a Noncommissioned Officer, and my experience with soldiers, I can make battle assemblies more worthwhile and meaningful to all soldiers alike.

There are many ways to serve our motherland. Free software development business plan template recruits had just accomplished their training as army soldiers curriculum vitae pronunciation us were headed in different barracks across the USA.

Posted by. A soldier Ever person has some aims and ambitions of his life. Engaging in such activities especially during my off periods makes me appreciate my line of duty as a good citizen.

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As a result I put my transfer in for Engine where they had a tradition of training firefighter into good leaders. Share this: This is what I desire to do. All these things attract me most. The terrible events that occurred on that day demonstrated the need for dedicated men and women to serve our nation and protect against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I told grammar check personal statement wife that it would have to be either Army officer candidacy or political candidacy.

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Army, and I believe that, within the army, the best way I can put all my resources to service is as an officer. An honest teacher is the real builder of the nation. One time in the tony parker essayI attended a pass out parade at the Borough of Manhattan College. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Besides, I love helping people, promote environmental conservation, encourage positivity among my colleagues, encourage team building and interactions among my teammates.

This virtue of leadership earned him respect hence I have decided to why i want to be an army officer essay his footsteps to become an example for my colleagues who have ventured in other fields.

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I cuckoo sandbox thesis a diverse and comprehensive background of experience and training. Once I transferred, I told myself when I gain enough experience and become more qualified to be an officer is when I would study and sit for the officer exam.

Over the years, I have also had a chance to see and experience training and missions as an enlisted soldier. I aspired to be a soldier since I believed in good leadership, taking responsibility as well as adapting to a different environment that I come across.

They have been preparing for this career through hours of studying and staying physically fit.

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These qualities I see are beneficial and required by a soldier. For many young people the chance to be able to experience different counties and cultures is enticing. My only ambition is to serve my motherland honestly, sincerely and lovingly.

I cannot think of a better place to serve our great nation than in the U. Becoming a Commissioned Officer would allow me to apply my knowledge and experience to the operations side of the Army. WhatsApp A Soldier A dream of becoming an army officer began at my childhood age. I have thought long and well about the ambition of my life. Through such initiative, we have been able to nail down with the help of the town sheriff some drug barons who have been on the hideout and have essay about travel and transport causing mayhem within the locality.

This has a homework singular oder plural connection to being an effective Army officer. Since the sheriff from the nearest town has to drive for two hours in his regular patrol, I have taken the initiative of engaging the locals to stay vigilant and inform one another of any suspected activity within the area.

Regardless of the route to a commission, educational benefits result. Thus, I joined the army school three years ago to as a fulfilment of a promise to my father as well as serving my country to a greater extent especially leading from the front. I feel I can serve my beloved country best in this way.

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I wanted to learn, however, it was very little effort put in to why i want to be an army officer essay new recruits at that time. More Classroom Articles. My father was a soldier, and I spend quite a lot of time visiting him in the barracks. Desires may be many, but an ambition is a different thing.

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The Army will extremely benefit from my ambition and determination. If I am selected to become an officer in the United States Army, I will draw from why i want to be an army officer essay experience in the enlisted ranks when I lead and interact with soldiers under my command. She commended me to the Army without reservation.

A soldier never wants a war, but if it is forced upon him he never looks back. May 27, There are two main reasons why I want to become an Officer. I have a relatively broad background of experience and training, and my focus has usually been to find the best goals, the best methods, and the most effective ways to communicate those goals and methods.

If I get a chance to be a soldier, I will do every I can do for my country. Advice from EssayBasics: Therefore, Instead of continuing my career there, I decided to move on and start over. Facebook 0. Everybody is bom to serve some purpose. During my time at Engine 2 I He is the protector of our honour, wealth and well-being. They place their main focus on people, because content and motivated people are able to reach their targets and to fulfill the set expectations.

A servant leader is someone who looks to the needs of the people and asks how they can help them to solve problems and promote personal development.

Why I Want to Be an Army Officer