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They work individually first and check their answers with their partners -Check the answers with the whole class.

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They will have daily routine flashcards. How is it similar? I chose this exercise because it will help students to associate meaning with form at this stage while focus is mainly on the form The focus of form approach introduced in the exercise combines formal instruction and communicative language use.

Why have you structured the lesson in the way you have? McGraw-Hill Marzano, R. Teacher seeks choral response from the student by making a sentence with a verb go. Examples might include: Expalanation on why you have chosen the topic, including what you understand about this topic with regards to your learners, and the challenges this topic may present.

Assessment 5 minutes Provide three details and have students write a reasonable topic that they would support if arranged in a paragraph.

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Teacher gives clear instructions and a demonstration about the activity. The Food You Eat Ref: An area on the lesson planner labelled,… Lesson Plan Words 22 Pages because of rule infractions!

Butterbaugh does not do formal lesson plans. Students will describe cookies and fill out comparison outline. Instead of written assignment, students can role-play a food tasting panel. San Miguel….

Flashcards 1 exampleworksheets 1 1 exampleworksheet 2 1 exampleworksheet 3 10 examplesworksheet 4 10 exampleswhiteboard, music, a ball 5min Warm-up: Time and length of lesson: Students will arrange the strips in a variety of ways.

Mixed Up Essay. The teacher will then explain that the students are going to be food critics of two different types of chocolate chip cookies.

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Students will identify comparison words. Materials to be used: He sweeps the floor every day.

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The students are between years old. This was strictly an observed lesson, as Mrs. Students work individually and complete fill-in the blanks exercise then they check answers with the whole class. If learners are exposed to the most appropriate instructions and the appropriate level optimum learning is made possible.

Each student will be responsible for taking notes on a comparison outline. Any other thoughts and ideas that you have to support your lesson plan.

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Education psychologists assert the study of learning should be scientific and systematic. Teachers can substitute other comparison outlines, or use Inspiration software to make a comparison outline 3.

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The activity helps activate the vocabulary schemata of the students and group work increases the interaction among students. Students can write down comparison transition words on index cards. Finding all the elements of the Muhlenberg Lesson Plan in lessons throughout all of my fieldwork experiences would be difficult because for the most part teachers do not seem to do set induction or closure.

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Once I have introduced the tense, and used the whiteboard to explain forms, I will continue teaching the present simple tense through activities which use the present simple in context.

Marzano, Lesson plans are important because it is a guide and tool for learning. Students will also be introduced to the rule of adding s, es, ies to the verb. An effective learning environment is one that had been carefully planned. I chose to do my comparison on a Macbeth lesson in Mrs.

When I did this lesson, it was just two days after the first day of Spring. This is the lesson plan that I have written. Students should tell their answers ones they are finished. Having the freedom to do this will help them think about how the ideas are related and organized.

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Teaching tenses in general are challenging, verb tenses are difficult for most EFL students so I should provide the relaxed atmosphere that students will concentrate fully. Instruction as well the manner that it is delivered has a direct relationship to student performance. By going through good amount of examples students will be able to know of these verbs to utilize throughout the lesson.

Students to be able to understand and use the target language and to practice WALT: Introduction 10 minutes Ask students to work with a partner or with a table group and consider how they would respond if the principal said they were going to take recess away. Once the students are comfortable speaking about their own basic daily activities, I will introduce the third person singular for 'he' and 'she' which will prove the most difficult for students.


I chose to do this because of its relevance at the time. Students can conduct research by searching for articles by food critics. Links will be shown between the teaching methods that were incorporated in this lesson planner which met particular learning characteristics, traits and needs of the group or an individual s and relevant educational and theoretical principles.

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Prior knowledge: The students will compose a five paragraph essay including an introduction what they are comparinga paragraph on structure, texture, and taste, and a conclusion paragraph stating different prices and what appeared to be a better value The essay should include at least three transition words for comparison.

Writing a Comparison Essay Standards Addressed: Order now Second, it ensures continuity of learning for the subject, as well as the integration of skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

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Students will mark up the essay, identifying each of the parts. Smart English Book Author: The students will record similarities and differences by listing sensory words to describe structure shape and sizetexture, and taste. Teacher brings examples with pronouns and shows when the verb changes by adding s, es or ies in the end of the 3rd person singular he, she, it bringing examples on the whiteboard using worksheet 2.

Using the outline students will write a five-paragraph essay using transition words and descriptive words. Lesson Plan Justification and Analysis Essay Words 13 Pages Analysis of the three identified stages stated on the lesson planner shall take place within this assignment.

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At the end of 40 minutes 38 out of 42 First year students of section Sampaguita will be able to: I allocate 15 minutes for the presentation so that I have enough time to teach all of the rules and give students time to remember the rules. Differentiation Support Give clues for the Mixed Up Essay activity by providing one or more of the topics or getting them started with the title.

What each activity will contribute towards the learning aims and how it will be achieved?

The following words should be identified: Adaptations for Students with Learning Disabilities Students with learning difficulties may be given a bank of descriptive words to use for comparison. Sat Dec 16, 8: Step-By-Step Procedures: Students can read their outline as an essay.

Most common challenges for students when using the present simple: You may choose to have students actually write an essay based on this idea web. Planning and implementation evaluation should provide insights to educator what works and what does not. The student will fill out a comparison outline. Students can decide as a whole what cookie is a better value for price and features.

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Anticipated difficulties: Focus on the pronunciation of the -s ending: My social studies lesson was over the season on Spring. Teacher clearly presents the difference between the usage of I, you, wethey and he, sheit.

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This can be written by teacher to fit the lesson Students will discuss descriptive words used by food critics. The second worksheet is the comprehension check of the verbs in the third person singular. The focus of this grammar class is on how to use the simple present tense abeka creative writing indicates daily routine in the third person singular.

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Of course I will need to teach students how to make negative sentences and questions, but it is important for them to learn new information step by step. With the help of whiteboard I will explain how to construct sentences with subject pronouns and to give an idea of verbs when they change in the 3rd person singular.

The student will use the process of pre-writing, drafting, revising and proofreading.

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