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The personal statements on this site are strictly meant as a starting point to give an idea of how successful personal statements look like. Remember that tutors have to read through large numbers of personal statements, try to be the one that they remember for positive reasons. Reading about Hobbes' model of an ideal state and Rousseau's social contract, I realised that the best way for humans to flourish is under a government.

Profile info This personal statement was written by finnplees for application in These experiences have taught me that young people can have an effect on society and the importance of social action. Many things from this book were surprising, however the patience and ingenuity that Piketty had in assembling his data as well as his urge for his fellow economist oxford personal statement ppe focus more on empirical data were two things that I gained.

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Growing up in Nigeria provided me with first-hand experience of inequality and corruption, encouraging me to reflect on the impact of governmental decisions on the welfare of individuals. Currently, I am under the National Scholarship sponsored by my country. Working as an intern at BudgIt, a company that makes the government's budgets and spending more accessible to Nigerians from low socio- economic backgrounds, I discovered similar shocking statistics and was led to question whether political decisions are in the best interest of society.

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In my opinion, the three disciplines in PPE, when used together can be applied to a multitude of world issues. They are, in this sense, tyrannical.

All the economic actors were stuck in a prisoner dilemma, they had to act the way they did. Notwithstanding this, I found merit in many arguments in favour of normal distribution curve essay put forward by Friedman in 'Capitalism and Freedom', notably his claim that economic and political freedoms are inextricably linked; this reaffirmed the importance of studying Politics alongside Economics.

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In here, King suggested that the structural problems of the current banking system, not greedy bankers, were to be blame for the global financial crisis. I learnt about how hard it is to satisfy the different stakeholders, the college management and the students.

Whilst I agreed with his arguments regarding the origins of political inequality, I found myself opposed to his claims regarding the state of nature, particularly that humans would naturally live alone, a claim which appears contrary to modern knowledge of early human society.

A question I am oxford personal statement ppe deliberating today.

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After many years of promise of change by politicians, nothing much has come out. Reading 'Micromotives and Macrobehaviour', I was intrigued by the use of Econometrics clinical pharmacy case study template modelling human behaviour.

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This a feat that can department chair position cover letter truly be achieved with the study of both politics and philosophy alongside. This is intended to be used as a resource to see a possible way of structuring a personal statement and not simply to copy. Please note UCAS will detect any form of plagiarism.

My observations of the tepid recovery of the global economy suggested to me that the global economy is suffering from structural problems.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Ppe)

To understand more about economics, I expanded my knowledge by reading widely, including Time, The Economist, local newspapers like The Star and also books. Also, adaptations to current legislation, such as, the EU Common Agricultural Policy could allow Europe to become a greater export market to these countries.

After reading Rousseau's discussion of democracy and after considering Plato's Guardian theory, I won a school prize with an extended essay entitled 'On the tyranny of the Majority', inspired de Tocqueville's claim. For example, in my extended essay, I used JS Mill's arguments in his book 'On Liberty', to analyse the ethical implications of the blasphemy law imposed in Nigeria, while also looking at the effects on different social classes.

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My interest in economics stems back to watching Essay on field of dreams Randall Live, which introduced me to concepts, that have made me consider the actions of individuals and government in society, such as the Laffer Curve: For case study 25 gastroesophageal reflux disease Oxford application especially, your personal statement can make the difference between an invitation to interview, or the end of your application.

I was also chosen to represent my school in the Bank of England Target Two Point Zero competition, as the spokesperson on the domestic economy.

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I have gone on to look at its links with philosophy and politics. The History: I have explored this theme in my additional reading; in 'Thatcher and Thatcherism' Eric J Evans challenged many of my pre-conceptions about Margaret Thatcher, her ideology and the extent to which, like similarly ideologically driven politicians such as Lenin, she was forced to make concessions for wider political gain.

This led me to question the idea of democracy as the best system for governance.

In the book, Piketty argued that the growing inequality was part of the structural design of our current economic system, and as long as r remains larger than g, income inequality will continue to grow.

Oxford personal statement ppe