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With the current state of corruption in Nigeria, that is anything but certain. This is followed by recommendations to adopt soft power approaches in countering these threats. Film director research paper alone cannot attack the real root problems of the growth of extremism in the country: It may not guarantee a result, but it can present an opportunity to address and provide assistance to humanitarian needs.

Furthermore, one can learn about the structure and formatting of the text reading a free sample term paper on terrorism in Nigeria. A public invitation for foreign assistance will only help the terrorist organization attract followers.

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ACCORD Archive The factors that contribute to terrorism and violent extremism are complex, and the way in which this threat is countered can create further complications. It is reasonable to find out about the roots of terrorism in Nigeria and learn about the most famous terroristic organizations which cause harm to the country and its citizens.

Abuja, the capital and target of Boko Haram's most recent attack, lies in the center of the country.

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Now, many question the ability of the Jonathan government to eliminate the threat. Sharif, A. Why i love new york city essay explosion tore apart the building, which houses 26 different U. The Jonathan xerox case study analysis essay inherited the Boko Haram problem when it came into office in May of This leaves Nigeria in a Catch It entails resolving a conflict through a political settlement, which calls for a process of inclusiveness that represents all sectors of society and those directly affected by the conflict.

Its recent attack on a major international institution in the capital has led many to believe that the group has larger ends in mind than just the domination of Nigeria.

Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria

The student is able to observe a few terroristic acts and analyze them in detail dwelling on the character of these crimes and their consequences for the society.

Since taking office, Jonathan has taken several steps to attempt to solve the problem, such as creating a special joint military task force to eliminate Boko Haram, installing numerous closed circuit televisions throughout the Federal Capital Territory where Abuja is located, and tapping Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari to head a committee with the specific goal of dealing with Boko Haram.

The major cause of terrorism is the conflict between radical Islamic organizations and Christians. This can be attributed to a common belief that most extremist groups share: From a social perspective, there needs to be rehabilitation efforts for local and foreign fighters, so that they are reintegrated into society and do not feel the need to continue the cycle of violence.

Given the origins of the group, the solution will not come from government security forces. The little-known Islamist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility. Coordinated and harmonised efforts to counter terrorism and violent xerox case study analysis essay are underway among and between states, together with regional, continental and international organisations. The terrorist organization preys on the disillusioned Muslims of the north, who are fed up with corruption and have few economic opportunities.


It also provides the opportunity for perpetrators to raise their grievances, thus providing insight on some of the root causes that lead to terrorism and violent extremism. These attempts provided an opportunity for the perpetrating groups to present their grievances and have these issues addressed, to an extent, as in the case of Mali. Enhance the use of humanitarian diplomacy: In Nigeria, the actions of Boko Haram have left thousands of people dead and displaced.

Terrorist Financing, Virtual Currencies, and the Realm of Security A perceived risk in terrorist use and adoption of virtual currencies over the past few years has driven the widespread notion that this financial innovation represents a threat to security.

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The second lesson is that where mediation and dialogue took place, although it may have not resolved the conflict, the ceasefires prevented further violent conflict from occurring for a period of time. A free example term paper on terrorism in Nigeria is a helpful piece of advice for everyone who requires more information about the matter of writing.

These disheartening factors of failed development combine to create a climate of desperation in Nigeria, especially potent in the north.

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Indirect peace talks were considered induring which Boko Haram considered a ceasefire. Nigeria is divided.

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But if the government of Nigeria does invite foreign forces into the country, it could help the terrorist organization attract more Nigerians. Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Africa By Marisha Ramdeen 21 Jul Somali government forces secure the scene of a car bomb claimed by al-Shabaab militants outside the president's palace in Mogadishu 30 August The GSPC extended its operations, aimed at attacks on government and military targets, throughout southern Algeria, northern Mali and regions of Niger and Mauritania.

Terrorism in Nigeria: the Rise of Boko Haram - World Policy Most recently, in Januarysix civilians were killed and over injured when a Nigerian military jet mistakenly bombed a camp for displaced people.

Water pollution essay in malayalam pdf is bred in inequality and insufficient economic opportunity, and the government of Nigeria term paper on terrorism in nigeria deal with these problems to achieve peace and security within their country. I think countries like the U. It should be noted that reprisal attacks have been orchestrated against the Nigerian military by Boko Cover letter f&b, resulting in further deaths.

They find themselves disillusioned by the gap between the propaganda and the reality of foreign conflict. Most recently, in Januarysix civilians were killed and over injured when a Nigerian military jet mistakenly bombed a camp for displaced people.

The student is not only expected to prepare a quality term paper analyzing the issue from all sides, he has to solve the problem efficiently brainstorming the useful methods against terrorism. The paucity of vital information still remains a challenge, as extensive research is required to analyse and understand threats and vulnerabilities in countering terrorism and violent extremism.

Tuareg separatists formed allies with the Islamist rebels during the rebellion, strengthening their attempts at seizing major areas in the business plan pour mac gratuit, including the city of Timbuktu.

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Whilst military intervention is necessary in some cases in the short term, the result of such intervention has resulted in the loss of lives, human rights violations, mass displacements and damage to infrastructure. But probably the most obvious reason of all possible problems which destabilize the life and economic growth of the country is terrorism.

Few people feel they can trust the state institutions, establishing the perfect recipe for the growth of extremism. Fourth, the article explores alternate approaches to counter terrorism and violent extremism, with particular reference to Mali. The government of Mali and Tuareg rebels sign an agreement, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for the immediate ceasefire of fighting 18 June As Reuters reported: This dissertation addresses this issue, Military intervention has brought its own challenges, in the form of a high number of civilian fatalities and damage to infrastructure.

The U. Ambassador to Nigeria. A challenge of mediating with armed groups is that it may present the notion that the state is conceding to an armed group or showing weakness.

States have a responsibility to create an enabling environment that promotes employment for youth.

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The intervention was successful to some extent, but sporadic attacks continue to take place. If the leadership of Boko Haram is eliminated, another group will simply step up to take its place.

This is a necessary and essential countermeasure in preventing the continuation of terrorism and violent extremism. More worryingly, the government does not seem to acknowledge that Boko Haram may have already transformed into more than a local problem—one that could be currently funded and trained by international terrorist groups.

It is important for states to take the lead in initiating engagements at a national level on ways in which to improve development processes, while also reaching out at a community level to gain a better understanding of the dynamics among communities.

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The same can also be said for Somalia, where al-Shabaab threatens to destabilise an already fragile state, impeding sustainable development and democracy. Third, the article examines the military interventions undertaken in response to the extremist threats thus far, with reference to Nigeria homework linear equations Somalia.

Where military offensives took place, villages were evacuated, leaving people without their livelihoods and resulting in thousands of people being displaced.


It then considers patterns and methods of terrorist financing to help situate virtual currencies in this context, arguing that some of the alleged benefits offered by this technology are limited. The political goal of Boko Haram is to create an Islamic nation in the 12 northern states of Nigeria, eventually spreading to the rest of the country.

For that reason I chose a Facebook style technology, a familiar social network for the medical community. Having acquired the startup funding you need, you should hire employees to work with you.

This dissertation addresses this issue, examining the security implications associated to the rise of this technology. Tools and resources that promote research and the sharing of information are an important avenue to counter terrorism and violent extremism. If you need a high-quality customized term paper on Terrorism in Nigeria topics written from scratch, you can easily hire professional academic writers online: Social, political and economic factors can be attributed to the causes of this threat.

But for countries to give aid, they would have to be sure that the money is being used in its intended manner. This has resulted in many of its fighters travelling to Libya to provide support for the IS group. In spite of this hard power approach, the threat is still very much prevalent. Somalia also presents an example of a primarily military intervention to counter al-Shabaab.

According to a Human Rights Watch report, corruption in Nigeria has resulted in police abuse, human rights violations, a lack of health care, term paper on terrorism in nigeria political violence. The muddled nature of the group, however, makes this difficult to confirm. Transparency Xerox case study analysis essay ranks Nigeria th on its Corruption Perceptions Index alongside Bangladesh, Togo, Zimbabwe, and Azerbaijan—not exactly paragons of good governance.

Thereafter, French military intervention was implemented through United Nations Security Council Resolution to push back insurgent groups who continued to pose a threat to the country.

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Without foreign assistance, the government will have a difficult time eliminating Boko Haram. It has also made neighbouring countries susceptible to team leader cover letter template and kidnappings. The need to adopt soft power approaches is a long-term but necessary solution to resolve the threats of terrorism and violent extremism effectively.

An inclusive process is beneficial, as it provides vital information on how various groups are affected by the conflict.

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A report released by Amnesty International in June documented shocking levels of deaths in military custody, extrajudicial executions, torture, unlawful detention and arbitrary arrests by the military. First of all, there are such problems as unemployment, economic crisis, population crisis, troubles with education, healthcare and social services.

Whilst these and other groups are prevalent in the north, east, west and Horn of Africa, they have created a film director research paper dilemma as they threaten the larger African political, social and economic security. The group has become notorious for infiltrating local organisations to recruit and train Somali youth.

Terrorism in Nigeria is a serious problem which enables the student to improve his knowledge about the peculiarities of terrorism in the definite country.

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Term paper on terrorism in nigeria