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We hope to see you soon! Learn more about UU career support. Applicants who are unable to meet these criteria may be considered only if they can document that they are particularly suitable candidates for education leading to a PhD degree.

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Stephanie Hoebeke, OsloMet. The form of instruction and examination vary and are adapted to the character of the various subjects.

See also. Visualization of Random Discrete Color Sampling, artistic exhibition.

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Register your interest Admissions Applicants who are citizens of the People's Republic of China, should contact the Programme director at masters it. Being more cost-effective than conventional circuit-switched systems, IP-based telecommunication systems are extensively The project effort involves technologies and architectures for dealing with large-scale real-time data processing, as well as the use of data mining and machine learning to uncover hidden knowledge in data and build intelligent banking applications.

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If your text is already published elsewhere and you have transferred copyright to a publisher, you need permission from the publisher before your text can be published in NTNU Open. The project focuses on research in Big Data analytics and machine learning in the financial sector.

The programme opens for an international career, as the international character of the programme will enable you to establish professional and personal networks in both countries, and get contacts within the industry as well as academia in both Taiwan and Sweden and through your class-mates in the rest mr.

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Register your interest Career The Sino-Swedish Master Programme in Computer Science and Software Engineering can lead to jobs in a variety of businesses or further research in different cultures. Santosh Nepali, HiOA.

If you use an internet link to refer to a source in NTNU Open, the link must go to information about the master thesis you are referencing, not to the pdf file with the actual thesis.

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In most cases, this requires several weeks at the Obernach Research Institute. The second year takes place in Taipei, where you will add a different perspective on computer science and its applications and will learn to combine knowledge and experiences from two high class universities in two different cultures.

Reservoir computing using parallel Cellular Automata reservoirs.

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Claudia Strobl photogrammetric reconstruction A research project uses underwater photogrammetry to digitalize the erodible channel bed, aiming to understand the sediment movement processes better. To help you figure out in what direction to take you career, your degree project provides a good opportunity to learn about your future job market and or even a specific employer.

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Investigating in-vitro neuron cultures as computational reservoir. It concentrates on mitigation measures and strategies to develop cost-efficient environmental solutions and on strategies to avoid individual fish damage and enhancing population developments.

Erik Aaron Hansen, OsloMet. Modelling neural network dynamics in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Collaborators Kristin Bergaust, art collaborator, Dept. Evolvability of Instruction-based Random Boolean Networks. Within the scope of the research project I can offer various students works with different emphases, e. The programme leads to a double Master's degree, that is, you will get one degree from each university, according to the national regulations.

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Ucas electrical engineering personal statement support When you are about to finish your studies and want to start planning for your next step in life, you are welcome to UU Careers for support and guidance. Students with a Master's degree in computer science are highly attractive in a qualified international labour market.

Some students start their own businesses to develop ideas they came up with during their studies.

  1. Use and give access to your thesis, either for an unlimited amount of time, only for a limited amount of time or never.
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Obernach Research Institute There is the possibility to integrate Bachelor or Master theses or study projects into current experimental projects. Of course, the services are free of charge. Hybrid computer-neuro system with self-organising networks.

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This should be discussed with your supervisor. A large part of the technology has its roots hundreds, or even thousands of years back in time, while other parts are new and futuristic. During your studies, you will be in contact with industries both in Sweden and Taiwan, enabling you to find interesting jobs in different countries.

It is easy to find interesting work and many students get attractive job offers already during their studies. Electronic paper is a display technology which has many favourable attributes.

Nguyen, Tan Master thesis, Mobile phones and electronic gadgets on the market today have become more and more powerful, in both processing power and functionalities. Microsoft Word, Endnote. Fill out the form and submitted it to the department administration.

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Most courses integrate theory with practical exercises. At masters level it is expected high standards when it comes to presenting your work, including an awareness of current standards for contributions to scientific publications, e.

Online publishing can increase the number of potential readers, maybe your next employer is one of them? Routine at the Department of Geography 1.

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The main supervisor will be Prof. Reference style also varies from journal to journal.

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Due to the broad education and the cultural experience, as well as the high quality of the research-related course content, you will always be at the forefront of development and have great opportunities to decide on your own future. Autonomous and Self-Organisisng IoT. Closed master thesis can be made availably after the specified period.

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Most graduates choose to work with development and research in data, either at large companies or in small start-ups. A special feature in the OpMiGua network compared with Good programming skills.

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These data sources may contain both structured data from typical financial servicesas well as textual data from communication with users or news media. Use and give access to your thesis, either for an unlimited amount of time, only for a limited amount of time or never.

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Almost all relevant data in the domain of financial data has either an implicit or explicit time dimension, and often also a geographical aspect. The work started essay on theme parks a theoretical study of secret sharing and Applicants with no letter grades from previous studies must have an equally good academic foundation.

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The position reports to the head of department. Courses are taught by experts in their field and are always up to date. Use the Change Form to report any changes to the original agreement for carrying out a master's thesis.

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