Fish Farming Business Plan/Feasibility Study for Nigerians (+PDF)

Business plan on fish farming in nigeria pdf.


Each costs N5, 55 bags. Production of cat fish is one business that demands care and expertise, the main expenditure in the production cycle is the fish feed and the staff salary. Only fools will believe you if you try to impress him with your perfection. Bulk cold room buyers from the northern part of the country are already indicating interest, a nearby farm with overfishes stock have not been able to satisfy them and they are always on the lookout for more.

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Here, an investor will want you to convince him that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Product quality a. The catfish business is very lucrative and underexploited business in Nigeria, investment in this kind of business is the right move at the right time, because it is profitable and fast growing business.

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To achieve these four 4 major plans will be employed to attract more buyers to patronize our products. Project type: The total sum will be spend as salary monthly, with a total number of 5 staff working in the farm. What that simply means is that you should spend time to research and understand your market, then position yourself with the tactics to win.

I laugh. But moving from 5, to my proposed 20, in every three months, I have made extra effort to contact cold room buyers within the state, and preservation through drying is also a planned option.

So what and what should your business plan contain?

That is my opinion. First, always think about your objective. This article will guild you on how to write your own fish farming business plan. I am financially better, I am a loving mother to my two children and my husband, I have three staff under my employment and that gives me a lot of joy.

Business Proposal On Fish Farming Sample – Download PDF

This is obvious. Project site location: A man called me about two months ago and that was what he wanted me to do for him. Technicality of the breeding starts with the housing construction to its feeding process which determines the outcome of the end product, of importance too is the frame structures of the fish.

You want to convince the investor that you have done the feasibility study of your intending business and understand the cost implications and profitability of your intending business, hence, the reason for a business plan.

How many years should your fish farming business plan/written feasibility study be?

Promotion c. If your objective is to have a focus and business growth, your business plan will definitely be different from someone who wants to use his fish farming business plan to win an investor. This is like telling a graduate, hey, if you can write your CV very well, you will be employed in a big company. Membership strength: The last business plan I wrote was written on a single sheet of A4 paper.

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I typed and printed it out. The second exception is for you to see the future which of course would not be the way you plan it So what and what should your business plan contain? The cooperative society intend to adopt unique marketing strategy to enable the business all year round.

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Business plan on fish farming in nigeria pdf