Essay on save water for class 6th.

If we want to make a proper availability of fresh water to sustain life in future then we have to start saving water from today and include water saving habits in our daily routine then only we will be able to conserve water and maintain the supply of water in the areas which are deprived of fresh and clean water.

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Leaky plumbing joints and faucets should be properly fixed to prevent leakage to save water. This shows that how water supports all forms of life on earth. If each and every citizen of India saves at least a litre of water in a day, it can definitely make a huge difference.

There should be proper waste management system which must be followed by everyone.

We can reduce the consumption of water by proper using of water for the toilet, showering, etc. If we seriously think over it we found it is not difficult at all.

Essay on Save Water for Children and Students

Thus it is the high time for all to make habits to save water in manner to save life and save world. Install Rainwater Harvesting System in your building and localities. These natural resources of water are depleting very rapidly due to increase in consumption because increasing population increases wastage of water, speedy industrialization and urbanization.

Hence it becomes important for us that we conserve it so that it remains available in the future also. If the lord of the rain is not happy and some places like Rajasthan, Vidarbha in Maharashtra which having the less source of water than it would be difficult for the farmers to cultivate the land.

Three-fourth surface of earth is covered by water, but even though people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries. A small nuclear family of four members consumes about litres of water every day and nearly 3,50, litres per year.

So their life will be ruined because of their income totally depends on the farming which can lead to farmer to select the option of the suicide Different uses of the Water Water in Agriculture It is the important role of the water in agriculture. Around three-fourth of the surface of earth is covered with water.

We can save it on every second of our life.

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Easy availability of water has made us careless, undermining its significance and resulting in its wastage. Water is as much needed for the survival as air in atmosphere. Here we define what water scarcity is.

Long and Short Essay on Save Water Save Life in English

The water saved by you could be used in the areas which are deprived of water supply due to high demands. The difficulties faced by the people in various regions due to water scarcity teach us to conserve and save water in order to protect the environment, save life and save world.

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According to a report, girls in Rajasthan do not attend schools since they have to go long distances to bring water. Prevention of Water Scarcity Proper water management systems should be implemented in all the industries, buildings, apartments, school, hospitals etc to make the efficient use of water without wasting a drop of it.

This eats up their whole day and they do not get time to go to school. Conclusion Water is our precious natural resource which every person needs to survive.

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Use of washing Machine and dishwasher always helps in saving water with the condition when they are fully loaded. Rivers plays an important role in developing major cities in India as transportation is much easier through river. In those places people have to either too much charge or to go hundreds of miles far to get potable water for their daily use.

Long and Short Essay on Save Water in English

So, the problem is with the scarcity of clean water and if the quantity of clean water decreases then it might create major issues in future. In which 97 percent of the water is covered by the ocean and only 3 percent of water is in use for drinking and many purposes.

essay on save water for class 6th essay country life

We are dependent on the water for many purposes. Here we are providing the essay on the save water for informing the importance of water to the students and children for saving the water.

Conclusion Clean water is very essential component of life, so we need to conserve water for the future safety. To Protect our natural eco-system from further damage and to escape the earth from situation of global warming we are highly require to conserve water and maintain its quality by not adding chemicals or garbage into it.

Save Water importance of saving water English Essay

In rainy season promote tree plantation so because of that plants get water easily through rainwater. All the known forms of life are highly dependent on water. Importance of Water Conservation Cycle of nature is completely depends on water. Without water, we cannot imagine the existence of life on any planet.

Why Should We Commercial laundry service business plan Water The balance of water on earth is maintained through the process of rain and evaporation. Conclusion Water is the base of life, for example, if you just leave a pan with water for few days then something will definitely grow out of it.

Essay on Save Water Save Life in English for Children and Students

All living beings either human, plants or animals are completely depends on fresh potable water. According to data one third of global population about 2 billion people are living under situation of water scarcity for 1 month in a year also we can say that half a billion people in whole world face water crisis for whole year.

Now the question is how much pure water we have on earth. Printing of newspaper for a single day consumes around litres of water. Watering plants in morning and evening time instead of afternoon is always the better solution to save water although planting trees in spring season can also be added to the solution.

Save Water Save Life Essay for Students & Children in English

Life is not possible without air, water and food. Essay on Conserve Water Save Life — Essay 4 Words Introduction The biggest problem of global warming is undoubtedly a huge water depreciation on earth which is mainly caused due to misuse of water all over the planet. Water used for balancing the ecosystem Not only for the human beings is but also important for the entire ecosystem by the different ways.

Avoid watering plants in afternoon time especially 11 am to 4 am as the essay on save water for class 6th rays evaporated so instead of watering plants best cover letter for executive position the noon water plants early in the mornings or evenings.

Essay on save water for class 6th