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FREE Life Expectancies in Developed Countries Essay For example, today there are a lot of services such as medical, technology, science and so on help to keep peoples healthy. Sample research paper for psychology longevity puts an extra burden on individuals and society. Some reports suggest that average age of death has been increased from However, there are many pitfalls with the improvement in life expectancy, old people are living more and more so due to that there is an increase in financial burden on families like regular health checkups and daily visits to hospital regularly.

Do you think the disadvantages of this development outweight the disadvantages?

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This will lead to unemployment for the young generation. Every year government spends a proportion of its budget on medical care and research. Besides, it can be seen that in the modern life life expectancy essay pte is improved health care, more doctors and more hospitals, so living standards increase.

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Finally government and family will have to support the old people and that would require a huge amount of money. The data shows that humans are making right health related decisions and this achievement can be attributed to improvement in public health and medical care.

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Now deaths are highly concentrated at older ages and this could only be possible with advances in medical care. As human age grows we get more vulnerable to diseases and sickness. The advantages and disadvantages of Causes of improving health and longevity at older ages: Furthermore, more retired people also means lower tax revenue.

The substantial influence of the medical technology has sparked controversy over the potential impact of this trend of increasing life expectancy due sample case study about child development the use of modern technology in recent years.

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Effective anti-ageing medical products, Life-extending medical procedures, devices and care that are extraordinarily costly and constrained by narrow home markets will thus find Snapshots: With the help of technology, Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal essay.

For example, new invention in medical field had found solutions to many dreadful diseases such as cancer, HIV and many. Everyone wants to live longer. At the very outset, there are numerous arguments in support of the usage of medical technology, but the most preponderant is that nowadays more men sample research paper for psychology women enjoy great health.

The gains in medical and health are masking an increasing amount of illness, disability and death from non-communicable diseases, according to a major new study. Although the increase in life expectancy has some pressure on the Medicare system, I am inclined to believe that the advanced medical care brings with it more benefits than disadvantages.

Though the trend is encouraging as now our near and dear ones live longer. Even though science and technology has improved a sample case study about child development deal, the type of diseases increase day by day. This means societies need more doctors, nursing staff, healthcare facilities and home care facilities to care for their ageing population.

PTE Essay. They can contribute effectively to the development of the economy because healthy workers can create more productivity. However, only a good eating habit is not enough to make a strong and stressless health.

One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy desktop publishing essay increasing.

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This case entirely revolves around the Imaging department which is writing a cover letter for nursing resume of a healthcare portfolio. Nsf doctoral dissertation improvement grants people live longer, there will be an increase in the population of seniors.

Indeed, we do not need to sweep the floor every week because robots can help us, and also we do not need to get round to wash dishes before working every day after finishing rush dinner. Such changes hold considerable potential for social conflict. For a country, lack of young working force could mean less prosperity and growth.

Though the trend is encouraging as now our near and dear ones live longer. In addition, a community with the elderly who have a good health has a major role to play in nsf doctoral dissertation improvement grants sustainable development of a society.

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To conclude, advancements in medical technology creates disadvantages rather than creating advantages for future life. Thus, medical technology plays a vital role in the increase in the average life of individuals. If they have none to take care of them at home, they will have to go to an old age home. Essay Categories: However, increasing life expectancy also has many advantages to the sample research paper for psychology, their family and the government.

By way of conclusion, it is true that the development of the health care life expectancy essay pte helps people have a better life.

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Also an increase in the population will result in the faster depletion of natural resources. What will we do with longevity with no resources? Secondly, families can also get benefit from their wisdom and experience.

They will also be able to spend more years with their family. Some of us might disagree that longer life is not beneficial but all of us want to live longer and contribute to our family and country for as long as possible. Including home appliances that are in people smart homes have definitely been upgraded all due to computers and their accessory.

This is definitely a positive trend, but it has some negative aspects too.

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On the contrary, there will be a scarcity of resources if life expectancy keeps on increasing. Band 9 essay sample Thanks to advancements in medical research and improved quality of living people are living longer. In my opinion, this is generally a positive development; however, it also means that more resources are required for taking care of the elderly. Related posts: A substantial increase in life expectancy and lifespan would thus require even more major reforms.

Furthermore, longer longevity also means less young working force for a country. While these changes are certainly beneficial the outcome may end up negatively affecting mankind.

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What has led to an improvement in life expectancy can be narrowed down to a few factors that came from dedicated medical personnel, innovative technology, cleaner living conditions and education about contagions. Longer life is a symbol of the development of a country. In my opinion, these advantages outweigh the disadvantages. When they people live longer they will be able to contribute to the society in many ways.

In other words, they do not have to spend more time in health checking or treatment so this saves an amount of time as well as cost.

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After all longer longevity is a symbol of growing civilization and the better life. Life is precious and the government should spend more money on medical care in any way possible.

Firstly, the obvious benefit of this is that people can live longer with their family and travel to various places.

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When people live longer they get an opportunity to fulfill their wishes and obligations.

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