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Maximum of 10 pages not including the timeline, bibliography, publications list or appendices. Critically reviews the relevant research and theory to establish: After the presentation, the candidate will be expected to field questions from the panel.

Confirmation documents

How will the research make an original contribution to knowledge in the field? Is the project viable within the given timeframe? If you are not successful in obtaining a score ofor questions regarding the research project cannot be answered satisfactorily, the review committee will make recommendations for what you need to do to meet the milestone requirements.

Please ensure you upload the above supporting documents into the portal as attachments to your request.

Higher Degree Research Milestone Requirements

Once you attain your milestone, you will need to submit a request for attainment of milestone through your student portal. The aim of this milestone review is to determine: It is assumed that the student has completed the first draft of their thesis and is now working to refine and prepare their thesis for submission.

They also need to assess the candidate's academic potential to successfully complete their studies. Lastly, it is important that the candidate has established a feasible plan of action for completion within the set timeframes. Supervision and coursework programs are intended to develop these attributes.

Forms for current HDR candidates

Does the written work, particularly the proposed thesis structure, indicate that an assessable thesis is likely to result? Considerations for a Mid-Candidature Review Milestone: Forms Relevant to the Confirmation Milestone: You have a complete or near-complete draft of the whole thesis.

List of publications since last milestone or a detailed progress report. Two colleagues from the candidate's research group: Why did you choose this topic for your PhD or MPhil thesis?

The chairperson, who will act as the independent internal examiner, cannot therefore be a member of the candidate's advisory team. Please ensure you upload the above supporting documents into the portal as attachments to your request.

Higher Degree Research Milestone Requirements - School of Social Science - University of Queensland

Candidates who are unable to achieve milestones due to a change in personal circumstances e. Has the why going to college is important essay met the time-lines proposed at Confirmation?

As part of your confirmation, you will give a public seminar of 30 minutes 20 minutes for the paper and 10 minutes for questions. Timing PhD: The candidate's advisory team including all associate advisors. It is more than a thesis. Section E - Outcomes between pages Describes the results to date and expected outcomes of future studies.

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How does your thesis advance knowledge or thinking in your field of research? Your project has logically developed since your commencement.

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Full-time HDR students are expected to attain their confirmation milestone within 6 months of commencement if doing an MPhil, or within 12 months of commencement if doing a PhD. HDR student support Milestone reviews at UQ are an essential mechanism by which the University ensures that students are progressing through their HDR program, have access to high-quality supervision, mentorship and access to suitable resources.

Some milestones will require that you deliver a public presentation of your research.

Milestone process

Milestones help you to write the best possible HDR thesis and to finish it on time. Milestone Extensions PhD candidates may apply for: Plan to complete thesis. There are specific requirements for each milestone.

Personal profile for thesis

Who will be on your review committee 2 Readers and Chair. Is the timetable for completion of the project reasonable? Students granted an extension are required to revise hsc standard english essay questions written documents and resubmit them for review approximately one month prior to the milestone due date.

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Must not include any material that is required to be read to understand or appreciate the main body of the report. List of presentations since last milestone. Considerations for a Confirmation of Candidature Milestone: A minimum of one but preferably two research group leaders from outside the candidate's research group or nominated senior staff from other research groups.

Each milestone hsc standard english essay questions place at a set time in your candidature. What are the most-important methods that you employed in your thesis? The timing and use of the extensions is at the discretion of the candidate and their advisory team to allow for flexibility as required. Confirmation The first milestone is confirmation. This milestone committee will ask you as many as possible of the following 10 questions: Candidates who do not achieve a milestone after the following periods of FTE candidature will be liable for a review of candidature: Describes the context of the research e.

They will then be required to attend an interview with the Chair of the Postgraduate Studies Committee and members of their advisory team. In order to attain your mid-candidature review you need to demonstrate to the committee members that you meet all of the following performance-criteria: Once you have indicated your willingness to participate, you will be sent the documentation prepared by the Candidate, together with a guide for the type of questions that we would like you to address at each milestone.

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