Unit 1-Fluid Mechanics

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JJ309-Fluid Mechanics Case Study

Friction coefficient f is 0. Calculate the velocity entering the diffuser. The following treatment is limited to incompressible fluids. Discharge and Mass Flowrate 59 Mass Flowrate The mass of fluid passing through a given cross section in unit time is called the mass flow rate.

This occurs in the case of uniform flow and steady flow Continuity Equation 61 Example 4: A meter orifice has a mm diameter rectangular hole in the pipe. If the density of mercury is If the area of cross-section of the stream of fluid is a, then force due to pressure p on cross-section is pa.

The glass are install with the bubble light which can be operation for 6 hours that show the movement of the bubble on the floor. There is a sharp entrance to the pipe and the diameter is 50 mm for the first 15 m from the entrance.

The pressure in a vacuum is called absolute zero, and all pressures referenced with respect to this zero pressure are termed absolute pressures. At the end of this chapter student will able to: Viscosity -A fluid at rest cannot resist shearing forces but once it is in motion, shearing forces are set up between layers of fluid moving at different velocities.


So when people walk along this walking sitethe water fountain will flow up the water for only a few seconds but it will continue to flow up by next water fountain.

A U tube manometer measures the pressure difference between two points A and B in a liquid. This water fountain works when there are people walking case study fluid mechanics politeknik along the fountain side.

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The entry from the reservoir to the pipe is sharp and the outlet is 12 m below the surface level in the reservoir. Describe flow rate 3.

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Specific volume, v is defined as the reciprocal of mass density. Oil flows through a pipe at a velocity of 1. Although venturi meters can be applied to the measurement of gas, they are most commonly used for liquids.

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An inverted U tube as shown in the figure below is used to measure the pressure difference between two points A and B which has water flowing. Take f as 0. Let this pressure be p.

This is because of the weight of the fluid above it. Such a condition can be approached very nearly in a laboratory when a vacuum pump is used to evacuate a bottle.

Example 2: Since these boundaries may be large colleges in california with creative writing major the force may differ from place to place it is convenient to work in terms of pressure, p, which is the force per unit area.

Progress out the construction site.

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Two reservoirs are connected by a pipeline which is mm in diameter for the first 6 m and mm in diameter for the remaining 15 m. The diameter of the pipe is 8 cm.

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Determine the loss of head due to friction in a pipe 14 m long and 2 m diameter which carries 1. In addition, the application will motivate and attract the student to be interested in studying this course.

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The diameter M and N are both 20 cm and 5 cm. Show relationship between pressure and depth 2. After 7 seconds of collecting water the weight of the bucket is 8.

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The more dense the fluid above it, the more pressure is exerted on the object that is submerged, due to the weight of the fluid. A simple Barometer consists of a tube of more than 30 inch mm long inserted into an open container of mercury with a closed and evacuated end at the top and open tube end at the bottom and with mercury extending from the container up into the tube.

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