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Hourly Use — Throughout the case, it is clear that Zipcar will not be able to increase the price of daily usage a fixed charge due to competition from established competitors, but the opportunity remains to increase the hourly charge a variable charge to customers.

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Each vehicle has a home location, to which it must be returned, and these locations are shown on the Zipcar website. I think we started sample chicago style research paper with footnotes well.

Zipcar Case Solution And Analysis, HBR Case Study Solution & Analysis of Harvard Case Studies

Time needed for a concept to come of age. Under her management: Questions 1. How do you think they should continue growing in the future? This opens up the potential to have an additional higher pricing tier for nighttime and weekend use that could potentially increase revenue.

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Zipcar Case Analysis Report

Internet technology employed. How does the system work now? Thus, there is potential to further optimize the usage rates so that revenues are more aligned with actual usage rates. Make a reservation at the Zipcar website or with the iPhone application. Call or text Zipcar if they're running late and want to extend the rental: Actual operation data can be used to improve the forecast model, the day-to-day product and overall customer service.

Each car shared takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

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Path to Viability Zipcar seemed to challenge the American dream of car ownership, and capital was difficult to raise, even though the concept of car share was slowly catching on in Europe.

McAfee, Andrew. Refining the Business Model. Once the business model is proven, there is a lot of potential to roll out Zipcar to other larger cities giving Zipcar good growth potential. Revised July The class was very vibrant and was constantly pitching in productive points into the discussion. zipcar case study harvard pdf

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Appeals to the technically savvy, familiar with social networks, smartphones, etc. During the class, we began with a round of introductions. In Service for Sight, The. That's why the class was concluded ahead of schedule. Zipcar is a capital-intensive business with low profit margins. To offset the increased variable costs and lower upfront annual fees, per mile usage rate was increased.

Zipcar hadmembers and 9, vehicles in its global fleet in July Looking at the original financial projections exhibit 3I have done a simple breakeven analysis and computed using an average of By conducting research it became clear that the European model would not be suitable in the US.

Fixing health care from the inside, today. Spear, S.

Zipcar Case Solution

Zipcar was also available in the UK, and in over college campuses. Written by. We began our discussion on services starting with the service-product continuum and the distinctive characteristics of services.

The breakeven point improves if we use the revised financial projections see below. in | source code search engine

A number of costs had also been underestimated, such as the attrition rate, lease, access, and parking costs. Pisano, and Liz Kind. In a Different World. The class was then briefed about the website and the course evaluation components.

June 18, Case Study Analysis: Zipcar Company Logo Throughout my analysis I will refer to data and exhibits from the actual case. The Southwest airlines case would be dealt with in the next session.

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Revised January Read more of my thoughts after the jump. The worry, due to the lack of barriers, would be established companies entering the market.

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Toyota and Ford are exploring ways to work with Zipcar. We ended the class with a discussion on the importance of the service sector to the economy and Clark-Fisher hypothesis of economic development. Public transport: Revised May Zipcar case study harvard pdf with Zipcar case study harvard pdf rival Flexcar in In addition to occupying this unique position, Zipcar would also be able to protect the position from possible competition because of proprietary technology it was developing that would allow it to have a unique pricing model lower upfront fees but higher per mile charging while providing consumers with convenience card key access to any car in the system, online booking and security.

To me this is a positive development.

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Week 4 Service facility location Chapter 7 of textbook Bell E. In order to further attract investment which they originally found difficult due to this factorthis gap in their shared knowledge and experience essay comparing two colleges be addressed. A framework for analysing service operations.

Zipcars are cleaned and washed weekly by the company. Zipcard approval can take a week. Please purchase a copy of it from HBS as I will not be providing copies here due to copyright rules. Because of the above points, I would recommend investing in Zipcar.

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