Ben and Jerry’s Case Study: Putting the Cherry on Top of Product Launches with Digital Marketing

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Fieldwork lasted approximately two weeks, with a total of responses collected. Example 6: The first step was to create a cross-functional senior management team to screen, refine and monitor ideas.

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The product planning process had failed to properly assess market requirements and trends. Catch him on Twitter or LinkedIn. Email list segmentation Creating copy and email template Hitting the send button Email list segmentation This was plenty of fun! Copy and email marketing template In my opinion, the most important part of email marketing is to keep it simple while providing an added value that makes recipients convert.

6 Brands That Nailed Their Product Launches (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Naturally, the most significant copy change was for affiliate partners. The idea is to ensure that the links are coming from reputable and relevant websites. Features that were most and least preferred were identified to provide the client with the insight needed to make design alterations and message enhancements before producing the product.

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We developed a systematic approach to defining new products from a customer and market perspective. The video featured some of the photos on the blog and the people behind the project.

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Make the most of monitoring insights and data to adjust and improve your product launch campaign. Social media monitoring also helped Barclays find out what they were doing right. Example 2: Such as websites specially created for campaigns. Each of them was based on the segment itself.

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Planning to expand your reach and grow your readership? You could talk to publishers about the product to see if you can get a feature highlighting some of the main features of the product. Marketers who had identified the gap in the market had to work closely with individuals from research and development as well as other external agencies.

To view more companies, please choose a letter from the list below. There were about k registered users in our database at that time.

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B Below are some great examples of brands that nailed their product launches so you can get a better idea how to successfully promote your new product: Pingit by Barclays InBarclays launched the mobile app Pingita mobile payment service that lets users transfer money easily through their mobile phones. The creative concept: These features managed to generate a high amount of page visits, leads, shares, and signups.

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Protagonists of these campaigns, who serve as messengers of this new product or collection to effectively carry the message to the target audience. Finally, iNPD created a focused sales and marketing strategy to identify and acquire new products from potential worldwide business partners. Free and paying users? Barclays quickly acted on this and made the service available for users aged 16 and above.

It also developed business relationships with four development firms and two OEM manufacturers.

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Page However, we transformed it into a special time-limited offer for everyone! Overall feedback was gathered and analyzed which provided the client with the direction needed to produce the ideal product and market it effectively.

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This first, key element is the point of departure for everything that follows when it comes to the marketing and communication strategy. Sometimes I think the hype we built before was even bigger after we sent emails.

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Celebrities and influencers from different fields attended the presentation in New York: The last major product launch was a financial disaster. Recommended for You Webcast, March 19th: New product webpages should specifically tell consumers what the product is, give them a reason to care and give them a way to act on their interest.

A second team made up of marketing, technology, operations and sales personnel was created to generate ideas. Due to the high amount of positive responses, the bank even developed a new app just for this.

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Everyone who bought a subscription within the special offer time period could grab the same: Obviously, the majority of them were free users as we offer a time-unlimited free plan. Need some help negotiating with brands that want to work with you?

The only exceptions were briefings with The Grocer, and Marketing trade publications and The Daily Telegraph, which reviewed the product in its business pages.

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Otherwise, you could also submit a guest post detailing what the product is all about. Conclusion The examples highlighted here have demonstrated several strategies for a successful product launch.

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