A Sample Essay by a Student Transferring From Amherst to Penn

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What is the Common Application Transfer essay prompt?

Yes, as of this writingCommon App allows you to edit your personal statement as many times as you like. More Transfer Info. David has clearly grown at Amherst, and he is looking forward to growing more at Penn. They should NOT reuse high school college applications essays because the prompts differ and colleges are looking for different qualities.

And if grammar isn't your greatest strength, be sure to work through your essay with someone who does have strong grammar skills. David is pleasingly specific in presenting his reasons for transferring. Why are you applying to this school in particular? They read plenty of essays like that. Achievements unlocked! Here is the most common prompt for transfer students applying through the Common App: How did you make the best of a just-okay situation while you were waiting or before you decided to fill out your transfer application?

Stick to the main idea you want to get across. As my transcript shows, I have done well at Amherst and I am convinced I can meet the academic challenges of Penn. Friends and family can be helpful as well. Got the idea?

The first objective in writing anything is to get it on the page first. It is tight and curriculum vitae english volunteer. Have you always dreamed of living in the research paper memory in which the school is located? My reasons for transferring are almost entirely academic.

She pointed out that although the National Association for College Admission Counseling says as many as one in three students enrolled in a two- or four-year college or university will at some point transfer, most school admission officials are able to give potential transfer students more personalized attention than first-time undergrads, since the overall volume of transfer applications is lower.

Let the reader know if your expectations were or were not met. Narrative essay worst day ever majoring in anthropology, but the program at Amherst is almost entirely contemporary and sociological in its focus.

I want to see why the student believes he or she and Sacred Heart are a good match. Continue Reading.

You want to come off as optimistic and forward thinking to admissions. Members that wish to review custom essay responses will request them on their Supplement form. And so on.

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We will be posting other tips for transfers in the following weeks. Please provide a statement appr.

What admission counselors look for

Professional Writing, as I believe these will provide me with a firm basis in journalistic writing technique and improve my abilities to write analytically and develop well-supported arguments.

There was no formal Makeup Department, so guess what. We have little doubt that he has the skills and intellectual curiosity to succeed at Penn, and David has made a strong argument about why this particular transfer makes a lot of sense. Here is the Common Application transfer prompt: Stay positive.

Sample College Transfer Essay

David's Transfer Application Essay During the summer after my first year of college, I spent six weeks volunteering at an archaeological excavation in Hazor, site of the largest tel mound in Israel. Emphasize what you like about your target school, not what you dislike about your current school.

The maximum length is words. More and more my interests are becoming archaeological and historical.

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Pulling this one off is a little trickier. Upon my return to Amherst College for my sophomore year, I soon came to realize that the school does not offer the exact major I now hope to pursue. As a community of passionate learners and intellectuals we can spread the message to student groups in colleges that protecting the environment trumps our desire for the most wrapped-up, elaborate, expensive packaging.

Key Takeaways: Continue Reading. Click here for a list of resources. Step Two: If your expectations were met, great! Paragraph 4: Not until I moved miles away to X school did I realize that Y school—which had been in my backyard all along, just 20 minutes from the church I was baptized in, the grandmother who raised me, and the one I love most in this world dog my dog, Max —was home after all.

Analysis of David's Transfer Essay Before we even get to David's essay, it's important to put his transfer into context. Dialogue, used appropriately, always makes an essay more interesting.

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About Kat Stubing. While colleges still want diverse students, they also want transfer students who have found and explored academic passions, been active on and off campus, and met transfer admissions requirements.

Use all of your senses and fill each paragraph with details. How to do this: He doesn't waste time talking about his disappointments with Amherst, nor does he put much effort can an essay title be a question explaining the things that other parts of his application will cover such as grades and extracurricular involvement.

Members that wish to review custom essay responses will request them on their Supplement form.

Fortunately, you already know the ropes! His representation of Amherst is extremely positive. Whatever the reason, refrain from speaking ill of your current school.

How to Write a Successful Transfer Essay: A Brief Guide

By researching. But first, give yourself a pat on the back. A lot. What gaps or unmet needs will your prospective institution address? Many transfer applicants are trying to move to a new college because they are running away from some kind of bad experience, sometimes something academic, sometimes something more personal.

The Writing When applying to a place like Penn, the technical aspects english case study definition the writing need to be flawless. Also, notice how his separate reasons can all be bullet pointed.

In their essay, transfer students should explain these or other reasons as clearly and concisely as possible, taking advantage of the opportunity to show what they have learned about themselves and the kind of college they believe is right for them. Therefore, long transfer essays are much less creative than freshman essays, yet even more powerful tools for admission to desired colleges.

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Side note: Available majors, social environment, internship opportunities, and class size are all common reasons that lead students to leave one school for another. Show that you put time and care into your writing. David's prose is clear, engaging and free of errors.

Sample College Transfer Essay for Admission

The latter is especially important, Jordan says, because transfer admission officials generally pay close attention to details about each applicant too. Once you complete these three steps, you will have all the ingredients for a fantastic transfer essay!

A Final Word on David's Transfer Essay David's college transfer essay does exactly what an essay needs to do, and he includes the features of a strong transfer essay. The Reasons for Transfer The strongest feature of David's essay is the focus. I met interesting people from around the world, worked with amazing students and faculty from Hebrew University, and became fascinated with the current efforts to create a portrait of life in the Abstract what will your thesis statement be qualitative research period.

Example 2: Why it can be useful to clarify what your expectations were: David's description of his experience in Israel defines the focus of his essay, and he then connects that essay on advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life to his reasons for wanting to transfer.

Paragraph 3: The Common Application essay should be the same for all colleges.

David is responding to the prompt on the Common Transfer Application: College application transfer essay being creative. Focus on a single point or thesis. In short, you need to talk crap about your ex but still be really nice about it.

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Step One: Be yourself. Being able to say that you know you will succeed at your school of choice because you flourish in small classrooms, lead in group projects, excel in the math essay on advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life sciences or whatever your reasoning may be is crucial.

David, however, clearly likes Amherst and is running towards something—an opportunity at Penn that better matches his newly discovered professional goals.

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Do yourself a favor and compile a list of these in advance to ensure that every essay you write reveals something new and special to admissions. Your interest in transferring to one school should be directly related to your reason for leaving your current school: You can keep your desires a little vague here.

Odds are still against David's success given the competitive nature of Ivy League transfers, but he has strengthened his application with his essay. Grammar, punctuation, and style matter.

Which leads to an important point: Initially, Drake Colonial University stood out to me for its culinary arts program and I looked forward to working side-by-side with top-rated chefs, experimenting with gastronomy and Sous-vide and finding others who shared my geeky passion for Transglutaminase.

Nevertheless, I loved every minute of my time in Israel. I originally applied to Amherst because it was comfortable—I come from a small town in Wisconsin, and Amherst felt like home. Offer specific reasons why you want to leave your current school.

The dig was sweaty, dusty, back-breaking work. One of the 3, full-time undergraduates who enrolled at Sacred Heart in fall conveyed that information particularly well.

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But one simple question can be your main guideline:

College application transfer essay