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You approach this subject from a very different angle in your video Reflecting Memory ; right and pp. La question du lien social: This mirror mask is showing everybody who looks at it a Cubist portrait of themselves.

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I want to contribute to a critique of modernity by really making a space for those voices. It was unsurprising to many student information system thesis documentation the Brazilian elite, heirs of the owners of vast estates built on the dispossession of indigenous peoples and the enslavement of Africans, had no interest in adequately funding the museum.


There is a mystery that remains and that grows. In the Shifting Borders films, I found some truly remarkable individuals who had experienced tremendous suffering; both myself and my interpreter were crying during one of the interviews.

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You began to explore the aftermath of physical injury, and different cultural ideas about repair, with your major installation Dissertation philosophie la culture rend elle plus humain Repair from Occident to Extra- Occidental Cultures ; pp.

It took about six months of building up trust before I could make the first pictures.

I think it works because their religions are much more tolerant than Islam or the Judeo-Christian religions; they are animist, much more spongy. I know how to do wedding photographs, of course, with a flash and a nice camera. When we represent minority communities like this one, we need to include images that do not show them as victims. I transformed my small apartment in Belleville and painted it all black except for one section of white wall where I projected a slide show of these pictures.

This says a lot about human nature, and what we need to keep an eye on: Yet another, standing in front of some industrial wasteland.

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C'est ce qui fait aussi que leur mouvement est circulaire. I did this because it helped me become part of the whole family.

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Les cubes de ces quatre nombres ne forment-ils pas dix fois dix, ou cent? There is something strange about these images, beyond their indeterminate reason for appearing. Quelle en est la cause? And the film hangs between these two directions — on one hand there is the possibility of repairing, on the other hand irreparable grief.


Across seven years of research, reviewing thousands of images of these broken faces, I discovered that in the early years of the war the body retained a significant presence of the injury. That is how society works now — we are fascinated with staying younger, removing wrinkles, all traces of aging.

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  2. But it also fascinates me because it is a technology that has existed for thousands of years and has been used as a magical, symbolic, ambivalent form.
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  4. A key and disturbing element in this work is the group of historical images that depict severe facial injuries suffered by soldiers in the First World War, images you also explored in Open Your Eyes ; below and pp.
  5. I have the feeling that I have brought to light something very important.
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Aulu-Gelle cite encore textuellement ce passage, en le traduisant. Before the Halal project you were mainly taking photographs. For humiliation to be overcome, for wounds to heal, the injuries must first be shown and their histories listened to. How did you get interested in working with these portraits of men whose faces — the visual marker of our identity — had been brutally altered my pet cat essay for grade 2 violence?

It shifts from melancholy inspired by what has been lost, to a call to what is to come, and to bring into existence, including through what has been there — suffering, brutality, History.

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