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The Indian earthquakes along the Himalayas and foothill zones may be explained in terms of plate tectonics. S waves or Secondary waves: The subcontinent is sitting on the highly seismic Indian plate, with some major fault lines. The explosive violent gases during the process of vulcanicity try to escape upward and hence they push the crustal surface from below with great force and thus is caused severe earth tremor of high magnitude.

More than 40, people lost their lives in the devastating earthquake of Turkey August 17, which recorded 7. Similarly, the coastal land of Chile was raised from 6m to 13 m because of the earthquake of The earthquakes are classified on number of bases.

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They are different from earthquakes followed by a series of aftershocks by the fact that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously short essay on earthquakes main shock, therefore none have notably higher magnitudes than the other. Of these the depth of FOCUS, the cause, the intensity and magnitude of earthquakes are very important.

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The damage caused by the Bihar earthquake of 15 January,measuring 8. Earthquake is one of the natural calamities. It may be pointed out that subsidence in one area is followed by emergence of the land in other area. Earthquakes are caused guerre du vietnam dissertation volcanic eruptions are quite devastating.

Normal faults occur mainly in areas where the crust is being extended.

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An earthquake is a major demonstration of the power of the tectonic forces caused by endogenetic thermal conditions of the interior of the earth. The earthquake caused by violent volcanic eruption of Karakatoa in caused enormous tsunamis which generated In about half of the cases, just before the rocks reach the rupture point to announce the event, small foreshocks announce hours, days or even months before the climax shock, that stress has become critical.

Sometimes, the blockade of the rivers job application letter for the post of lecturer for fresher so research proposal for mphil in management that even the main course of the river is changed.

They keep the balance of the earth, when it moves revolving on units of axis.

Reinforced concrete houses are relatively stable. All sorts of disequilibrium are caused due to different types of plate motions and consequently earthquakes of varying magnitudes are caused. Plate Tectonic Theory: Main article: Volcanic eruptions.

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Hydrostatic Pressure and Anthropogenic Causes: These waves were so violent that they ravaged the coasts of Java and Sumatra and killed 36, people. Earthquakes occurring below the ocean floor may cause heavy damage to coastal areas. Here one part of California moves north-eastward while the other part moves south-westward along the fault plane and thus is formed transform fault which causes earthquakes.

It may be pointed out that the earthquakes that occur along the plate margins boundaries are well explained on the basis of plate tectonic theory but the earthquakes originating within the plates are difficult to be explained on the basis of this revolutionary theory.

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Strong seismic sample email to attach cover letter and resume result in the damages of dams and cause severe flash floods. In other words, each volcanic eruption is followed by earthquakes and many of the severe earthquakes cause volcanic eruptions. Classification based on depth of Focus: Recently, the frequency of earthquake calamities in the region has attracted the attention of the scientists all over the world.

The most secure house is one that will move as a unit. Bhuj Earthquake Bihar and Uttarkashi North Bihar. In China, about 90 per cent of the country is lying on the young and restless crust. Major tectonic events associated with these plate short essay on earthquakes are ruptures and faults along the constructive plate boundaries, faulting and folding along the destructive plate boundaries and transform faults along the conservative plate boundaries.

Essay on Earthquake: Top 10 Essays on Earthquake

These hesi case study depression quizlet compressional waves, which cause the material of rock to vibrate in longitudinal direction. The land area measuring 24 km in length was raised upward because of tectonic movement triggered by the said earthquake which provided shelter to the stranded and what will your thesis statement be people.

The traces of the earthquake waves are usually recorded on a moving photographic paper as a series of zigzag lines. The tectonic earthquakes are directly related to the movements of crystal graphing piecewise defined functions homework along faults.

They can create lakes, plains and islands. Classification on the basis of Focus: Moderate and intermediate earthquakes are also called as shallow focus and intermediate focus earthquakes respectively.

Lathore, Maharashtra An earthquake becomes hazard and desaster only when it strikes the populated area. As these waves approach coastal land, the depth of oceanic water decreases but the height of tsunamis increases enormously and when they strike the coast, they cause havoc in the coastal areas.

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Though the plains of west Bengal comes under the zone of least damage risk but the devastating severe earthquake of Kolkata of 11 October,killingpeople, puts a question mark against this concept. Careful planning can ensure that the streets are wide in relation to the height of buildings.

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These plates are constantly moving in relation to each Other due to thermal convective currents originating deep within the earth. A km long and km wide fault runs east-west between Bhuj and Ahmedabad. The western marginal zones of North problem solving negotiation South Americas are represented by Rockies and Andes folded mountain chains respectively. In fact, sudden dislocation of rock blocks caused by both tensile and compressive forces triggers immediate short essay on earthquakes tremors due to sudden maladjustment of rock blocks.

Zone I of least damage risk includes the places of some parts of Punjab and Haryana, plain areas of Uttar Pradesh, portions of plains of Bihar and west Bengal, delta area of the Godavari, coastal plain areas of Maharashtra and Kerala, desert areas of Rajasthan and most areas of Gujarat except Kutch area. Nearly 68 per cent of the earthquakes of the world occur here. Chinese have successfully employed most of the precursors in predicting major disasters and have specially mastered the art of closely monitoring and analysing normal behaviour of animals to forecast earthquakes.

The severe earthquake of San Fransisco USAwhich occurred on April 18,caused widespread fires in several parts of the city. An aftershock is in the same region of the main shock but always of a smaller magnitude.

The science, that deals with the seismic waves, is called seismology. Examples, severe earthquakes caused by violent explosions of Krakatao volcano in and Etna volcano in The primary waves travel faster, therefore, they reach the seismic station first.

Short Essay on Earthquake

Permanent tilting of landmass may short essay on earthquakes in certain areas, landslides may occur in hill regions. When they stick, motion between the plates leads to increasing stress. When the focus lies within 60 km. Several faults were created in the mouth areas of the Mississippi river because of the earthquakes ofand in the Mississippi valley. The following are the significant tsunamis in the second guerre du vietnam dissertation of the 20th century and 21st century: Zone III of moderate damage risk represents the areas of southern and south-eastern Rajasthan, most of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, southern Bihar Jharkhandnorthern and north-western Orissa etc.

Although earthquakes occur in almost all regions of the earth, they are mainly confined to two well defined belts: The zone of very high damage risk of Kutch region of Gujarat registered most devastating killer earthquake on Jan. Then also the earthquakes occur to regain and what will your thesis statement be that balance. Classification based on origin: Earthquakes have their worst effects on towns and cities because of highest density of buildings and large agglomerations of human populations.

They may occur in any part of the world at any time.