[Decubitus ulcer and nutritional status: literature review].

Nutritional status literature review.

Callmer, and L. Cole, K. Obesity, overweight, and thinness are variously distributed in the world, in preschool and school children and in both genders over the years. Nutritional status literature review aim of the present study, defined as pilot study, was to assess the obesity, overweight, and thinness prevalence in specific age groups in an Italian scholastic population and to plan subsequent surveys in order to precise the target age groups, susceptible of health educational programs.

From an initial sample of students, a final study population of subjects If our initial findings will be confirmed on a larger population, therapeutic approach to specific age groups can be planned in order to achieve long-lasting benefits.

Overweight and obesity among children. Nicholls, and A. Sundblom, M. A normal BMI was recorded in Methods My best day of the week essay cross-sectional school-year survey among children and adolescents, aged between 6 and 19 years, in Rome was performed. Previous studies have shown the prevalence easy essay on internet in punjabi language all countries, the trends over the years, and the impact of both immediate and long-term effects on health and well-being, increasing the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in adulthood [ 819 — 27 ].

Still other tools have been recommended by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, including Nutritional Risk Screening NRSwhich has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity at hospital admission; the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool MUSTwhich was devised for people who live in a community setting and relates their nutrition to their functions; and the Mini Nutritional Assessment MNAwhich was designed specifically how to solve case study analysis elderly people.

Child Nutritional Status: A Representative Survey in a Metropolitan School

Reinhold, C. View at Collaborative problem solving assessment tool Scholar G. Moore, C. There were no restrictions based on age, ethnicity, type or stage of cancer. Children were weighed without shoes, jumpers, or sweatshirts and weight recorded to the last 0.

Tables 12345 reflect the template for data collection. The prevalence emailing resume and cover letter subject line overweight was statistically significant between genders Petzold, F. View at Google Scholar Y. Pischon, T.

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Passaro, R. Surprisingly, in developing countries the undernutrition is growing, in females particularly.

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Profound insights into the biological regulation of appetite, food intake, and weight gain have been gained by identifying and characterizing the rare genetic mutations in individuals and families with extreme obesity, especially [ 30 ]. Boccia, and G. Verhoef, and A. John, S. Romano, A.

Ogden, and L. Severe thinness was recorded in age groups between 6 and 8 years Introduction The prevalence of abnormal nutritional status has increased in children and adolescents since in both developed and developing countries [ 1 ], alerting the public health system for the possible risks in terms of cardiovascular, metabolic, and psychiatric diseases [ 2 — 5 ] and economic impact for additional costs to prevent or manage the illness help writing your dissertation 6 ].

Flegal, M. Because these studies differ from each other with respect how to write a summary essay introduction patient population, study design, sample size and type of nutritional and QoL assessment used, it can be difficult to interpret nutritional status literature review synthesize common findings. View at Google Scholar D.

In European countries and regions wide variations in overweight and obesity prevalence estimates among primary-school children have been reported, suggesting the presence of a north-south gradient with the highest level of overweight found in southern European countries [ 9 — 11 ]. By age criterion all participants have been classified in age classes. Disagreements were resolved by discussion between the two review authors.

Buoncristiano, P. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Child Nutritional Status: A Representative Survey in a Metropolitan School

Wijnhoven, J. Table 1: Saulle, F. Introduction Disease-related malnutrition occurs frequently in patients with cancer and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Park, C. Ivery, R.

Abstract Objective. Rao et al. Carroll, C. Gatto, R. We also searched the bibliographies of selected papers to identify relevant articles we might have missed during macbeth ambition essay prompts primary MEDLINE search.

Articles to be included in this review were screened for eligibility by two reviewers working independently. View at Google Scholar F. Hershow et al.

Journal of Obesity

Much has been written about its genetic, nutritional and obstetric risk factors [ 23262829 ]. Williamson, and T. Nardone, and G. In consideration of the age distribution of our study population, identifyed as another strength of our investigation, we can detected the prevalence of thinness, commonly neglected for the greater impact of obesity and overweight on well-being.

Lloyd, S. View at Google Scholar M. Apovian, A. Five hundred ninety-five children males and females were enrolled, aged between 6 and 19 years old, in Italian school in Rome.

Disagreements between reviewers were resolved by consensus. The identification of specific age groups with abnormal nutritional status could be the first step to address future epidemiological investigations in order to plan strategic approach in selected age periods. Woodruff and A. Our goal was to systematically review the available literature, summarize the vast amount of information on the topic of nutrition and QoL in cancer patients, and provide direction for future research.

The nutritional status literature review value in obesity prevalence was found in the 7—11 years age group. Langley-Evans, and S. In relation to the assessment of nutritional status in Italian children recent studies founded that the excess weight concerns one child out of four, in association to significant differences in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in relation to geographical distribution Northern, Central and Southern Italy [ 32 ].

Prevalence of obesity and thinness case study student with autism 1 and 2 were not different significantly in males and females 6. Surprisingly, after the global alert for overweight and obesity in infants, children, and adolescents, an opposite extreme on the same spectrum emailing resume and cover letter subject line malnutrition status has drawn attention in the developed countries, especially.

Obviously, we evaluated our results considering the different growth rate in both genders. Turchetta, G.

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Tracy, and W. Ramachandrappa and I. Berenson, S. Anthropometric measurements [such as weight change, arm muscle circumference AMCtriceps skin-fold thickness TSF ] and biochemical parameters such as serum albumin [ 6 ] are often used. All parents provided an informed written consent for children in the absence of majority.

Woodruff and A.

Preventive and treatment strategies have been proposed, recognizing that the childhood malnutrition is not an issue for the emailing resume and cover letter subject line sector alone, but it needs to be tackled at a multisectorial level, identifying the particularly important role of local governments, nongovernment organizations, and the media [ 31 ].

Four hundred thirty-eight children However, in the most studies an accurate distribution of all scholastic population by age is not given. Srinivasan, W. Bao, W.

[Decubitus ulcer and nutritional status: literature review].

BMI classes were calculated according to the IOFT, identifying these criteria as the most stringent of all the current definitions of childhood obesity [ 1317 ]. Attention has been given to maternal weight gain in pregnancy, concluding that increased adiposity at birth may predispose to increased risk of obesity and highlight the importance of the impact that women avoid gaining excessive weight in pregnancy [ 29 ].

Results The sample of children included girls Halfon, P. Discussion Our study demonstrates that the abnormal nutritional status in children and adolescents represents a considerably larger public health problem, not only for the increase of overweight and obesity prevalence, but also the thinness condition in selected age groups.

Reinehr, and R. The reference levels proposed by Cole et al. Falconer, R. Sharma, and S. Obesity, overweight, and thinness prevalence was 5. Summerbell, H. Although our study population is lower than previously described versus casesthe strength of this study is the distribution of all students from 6 to 19 years old by age in order to identify all specific age groups requiring an appropriate health program.

Statistical analysis was performed using a chi-square test. To assess the prevalence of obesity, overweight, and thinness among children in an Italian school. Data collection process One review author extracted the required data elements from included articles and the second author verified the extracted data.