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What was the agenda behind the source? We dread drafting because it requires synthesis, one of the more difficult forms of thinking and interpretation. Completion forms are honors thesis no later than the Tuesday following finals week. We sit down with our research materials and plunder them for basic facts and useful quotations.

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Is overseen by a faculty committee of at least two people one of whom must be a full-time faculty member in your major. No appointment is necessary; just ask for help at the front desk. Sometimes the introduction is the toughest place to start. The finished thesis and signed Thesis Completion form are due to the Honors Program office by the following dates: In an honors thesis, students work with a faculty mentor to explore a topic in their major area of study.

Once that task is done, you can turn your attention to revising.

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If you complete the requirements for the Honors College and for the Senior Honors Thesis, you will graduate not only with University Honors but also as an Honors Scholar. A course grade of B or higher is required.

However, if you plan to graduate early, we advise you to submit the Prospectus form early — at least by the start of the semester one year prior to your anticipated graduation date. Some people file note cards into categories.

The senior honors thesis is a capstone experience for undergraduates in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program. What are the sub-arguments of each chapter and how do they relate to my main argument?

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HONRHonors Pre-Thesis, is a required one credit course designed to provide students with the necessary information to successfully complete the thesis requirement. Preparatory Semester normally the spring semester of your junior year: Ask yourself questions about the context and significance of each source.

In the senior year, Honors Fellows present their work-in-progress, and in the spring they defend the thesis before a committee comprised of the faculty mentor and other faculty representatives.

Students normally begin preliminary exploration of the thesis topic in discussion with one or more potential faculty advisors during the spring of the junior year. Go ahead and take a stab at interpreting them.

However, even less traditional theses require substantial scholarly research and writing. Spans two consecutive semesters during your senior year.

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Interpreting the context of a source: See links to college requriements below. Yes, by all means, yes. A sample list of thesis titles is also available. Students may pursue only one Senior Honors Thesis per bachelor degree; that is, students who have two or three majors may not pursue two or three Honors Theses. The Honors Thesis encourages students to pursue an area of personal interest in greater depth than that allowed by formal classes.

Saving time for the small stuff Even though your argument, evidence, and organization are most important, leave plenty of time to polish your prose. The Honors Program holds a mandatory meeting for second-year students to make sure they understand what is expected and can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that some advice is better than others. Record full citations for each source.

See a list of previously completed theses. Be in good academic standing. The important thing is to accomplish a bit of active production i. Yet you might want to form a writing group or enlist a peer reader, some person or people who can help you stick to your goals.

For more on this, see our handout on plagiarism. You do need to focus on the big picture in order to get a business plan mobile phone company handle on your project, but you also need to break your thesis down into manageable chunks of writing.

We are the unprepared, not armed with ammunition to endure the scrutiny of our qualifications; relying solely on performance Having a college education is something that can… Why College Is Important to Me Words 3 Pages themselves questioning the importance of a college education.

Who is my audience and how can I reach them? Questions for reflection throughout your project: Be a senior.

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Make careful distinctions between direct quotations and your paraphrasing! No matter what your thesis topic may be, you will benefit from the friendly critique and peer review offered by fellow honors students and the professional writing advice and support provided by the course instructor. It will be far more difficult to find the proper citation later than to write it down now.

Complete bibliographic citation: Students normally begin preliminary exploration of the thesis topic in discussion with one or more potential faculty advisors during the spring of the junior year.

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Or schedule time to freewrite. The first-semester work is normally research, planning and outlining. Please see further information about the college-based distinction process below. Students work with both the Honors Program and their major department as they prepare for the project.

A paper copy of the thesis is no longer required.

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Those small bits of prose will add up quickly. Try keeping a small notebook handy where you jot down stray ideas that pop into your head. Revising Peter Elbow, in Writing With Power, suggests that writing is difficult because it requires two conflicting tasks: The honors thesis provides honors students the unique opportunity to engage in a high quality study of a carefully defined question or problem over the course of 1.

Based in research, this problem may be critical, experimental, applied, or creative in nature, and should represent an effort to make an original contribution to the field.

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Juggling feedback from multiple readers A senior thesis may mark the first time that you have had to juggle feedback from a wide range of readers: Just start! Brainstorming and freewriting One of the biggest challenges of a lengthy writing project is keeping the creative juices flowing. This option is most popular for students applying to professional or graduate schools, those entering professions where research is a key skillset, or who find enjoyment in the intellectual challenge of inquiry, investigation, and experimentation.

At the end of the second semester, provide the Honors College with an electronic copy of your completed work. Or write through one point on a chapter outline.

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Each thesis will demonstrate clear critical thinking, a mastery of disciplinary material, clarity in communication of complex ideas, and professionalism in production. This course is appropriate for juniors who can then devote their senior year to producing an honors thesis or project.

The Senior Honors Thesis should be a research paper or project in your major discipline that you are working on for a specific course or professor.

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Grab hold where you evidence is strongest and your ideas are clearest. If additional time is required, email the Honors College Director with said request before the close of how do you send your resume and cover letter via email semester.

This one-credit course will prepare honors students to undertake a Senior Honors Thesis or Project. Enroll in Honors Interpreting the significance of a source: For some general suggestions on finding sources, consult the UNC Libraries tutorials.

See our handout for some tips on getting and receiving feedback. What is the most rewarding part of this project? There are lots of ways to take and organize your notes. Often the creative project is accompanied by a written document explaining the creative choices the student made and situating them within contexts of various artistic styles or movements.

Organizing and reorganizing Again, in writing a page thesis, things can get jumbled.

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Overview of the Senior Honors Thesis at Tufts The senior honors thesis takes the form of an extensive research-based project culminating in a scholarly monograph or an artistic or technical product. All Honors Theses must be two-semester projects.

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Go ahead and take a stab at interpreting them. Creative Project This option is similar to the traditional thesis, in that it involves research and a broad knowledge of the relevant discipline as the foundation for the creative project.

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Please note that if you intend to write a thesis in the laboratory sciences, you must develop a relationship with a faculty member in whose lab you intend to do your research, and normally begin working in the lab during the junior year, if not earlier. Divide your thesis into manageable chunks. How does it speak to other scholarship in the field?

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